10.16.2007  BY EM & LO
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Despite the recent news about the demise of Charlie Sheen's sex doll (which made us want to do nothing more than spoon with a Nice Guy), it's been a very bad few news days for metrosexuals and emo boys.

Men with "deep, manly" voices score more bedpost notches, offspring.

Caveman-esque rugby star lures finicky French ladies to the sports stadium.

Kid "I'll Punch Your Ex" Rock steps out with Paris Hilton, makes bad boys "hot."

Turkish man loses his manhood in "honor killing."
Hedge fund trader says boss force-fed him female hormones to make him less aggressive, wear dresses, have gay sex.

Survey shows women think cowboys are better in bed than business men.

Even pre-pubescent boys want to be bad boys...or at least master PUAs.

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