What was playing in the background when you did it for the first time?; background music; booty music; em and lo; music; song; virgin; virginity; What was playing in the background when you did it the first time? http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1370862818http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=1320165074


Conrad said:

I'm sorry, but we didn't play any music. We just kind of focused on what was at hand.

beautytalk said:

A la la la long by Inner Circle. It was the perfect song with lyrics like 'Gilr, I'm going to make you sweat, sweat 'til you can't sweat no more..and if you cry, I'm gonna push it, push it some more'.

rob said:

For me it was "The Song Remains the Same," by Zeppelin. It's awful as hook-up music goes--but then it was nothing I'd planned, just what happened to be on the stereo at the time. I'm pretty sure the sex was over long before the song was.

Maria said:

"Californication" by Red Hot Chili Peppers... and then the rest of the Chili Peppers playlist on repeat for the rest of the night.

What a fantastic question!

No music for me, unless you count cicadas and birds - we were outside in a park :)

xx Dee

Isis Uptown said:

I lost my virginity in 1981; the boy in question is now my ex-husband. Anyway, he decided that classical music would be in order. I liked him and we were together for many more years, but I never liked having sex with classical music playing.

Em & Lo said:

Em here: mine was "Satellite" by the Dave Matthews Band. Yeah, I know: SO college. SO nineties. What's worse is that I still kind of like the song.

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