02.28.2008  BY EM & LO

It's been a week since National Condom Week ended, but there's no reason every week can't be National Condom Week. (Wow, four "weeks" in one sentence must be some kind of record.) And so we give you Proper Attire condoms with the clever tagline "Required for entry."

New this season, they were designed to be stylish, with funky and tasteful packaging, in order to help women feel more comfortable about buying and carrying condoms. (Though "Condom packaging is too tacky" is a piss-poor excuse not to buy and carry your own condoms.) They're no David Beckham condoms (sure to help you score in the bedroom!), but Proper Attire proceeds for all four styles (basic, XL, textured and color) go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which is the best thing a condom can do, right after protecting you from unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

Unfortunately, we haven't found them online anywhere, but you can get them at select Planned Parenthood health centers (hey, you're probably due for some STD tests anyway), as well as Wink (155 Spring Street, NYC) and the W Hotel Store (541 Lexington Avenue and 1567 Broadway in NYC). Get a condom compact, and you'll be the most stylish fucker around. 

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