colin_with_dr_ruth.jpgLeft to right: Joe Citarrella, director of Sex Week; Dr. Ruth, adorable sex-talking munchkin--yes, she's standing!; Jacqueline Coe, assistant director; and our man Colin, event coordinator.

Yesterday, our kick-ass intern Colin gave us the dirt on some of the events at Sex Week at Yale (for which he was the event coordinator). Today, he completes the picture by telling us who was a no-show, which presentation rocked the Yallies' worlds, and whether anyone got a little inappropriate.

Em & Lo: How did the Mystery & Matador pick-up workshop go?!?!

Colin: Mystery and Matador were scheduled to talk on the Art of Seduction. We originally advertised it as an opportunity for the guys to learn the ways of the game, but then realized we needed to make a blitz krieg effort to get as many women out as possible to learn the tricks of the opposing team to make sure they never end up played.

Mystery was a no show. Surprised? Matador was really interesting to work with. The man oozes sensuality (or maybe it was just the strong cologne emanating from his fur vest and leather pants)...

I don't think he had worked with a group so large before or such limiting time constraints. It was difficult to pick up a lot of pointers from his presentation, and at times it felt like he was just trying to seduce the entire audience. Hopefully the guys in the audience could take something home from his talk in terms of remaining confident when speaking to women. He was a good sport and will actually appear in the SWAY Documentary this Spring with some of our characters.

There were a lot of women at Matador's event. Maybe 30/70, if not more women, but the first few rows were all guys. During a question and answer segment someone mentioned that these techniques were misogynistic, he claimed that when you actually perfect the art of a pick up, you are treating a woman better than she would be treated by the normal guy who takes her home. You wind up making her feel the thrill of being chased. He claims women have thanked him the next day, not for the sex, but for the whole pick up. Apparently it is an honor to be picked up by a PUA.

What was the most helpful to college kids?

Logan Levkoff laid it all out. The Female orgasm. Straight forward open talk with another jam-packed room of students eager to learn about life's most exhilarating mystery. Her presentation had a fantastic aura about it and seeing a diagram of a vulva blown up to that size (at least 20' high on screen) is exactly what every college campus needs. I'd say the breakdown of men to women was maybe 70/30 women to men. I love Logan's approach to providing a really open, really progressive and honest talk about female sexuality - which is hard to find in our society today.

Anything you didn't buy in any of the presentations?

When people like Logan Levkoff and Matador talk about relationships it sort of feels like, "Oh come on! Anyone can score if they're 100 pounds with flowing blonde hair or 6'6" with bulging bronze biceps."

Any snafus?

Saturday there was a bit of a mix up. We were working with a really small team, which turned out to be a double-edged sword. With such an intimate group we were able to maintain an intense level of passion for what we were doing, but a few days in we were all completely spread thin--no sleep, heavy lifting, entertaining guests, constant publicity, the works. This meant that when porn star & director Paul Thomas asks us to trust him in the material that he is going to show we drop the ball and forget to take a look at it before we play it in front of over 200 Yalies.

Now, the material we showed was between two consenting adults--and who are we to say that bondage, erotic nipple piercing, and calling your partner a slut is unhealthy (even if we'd like to). But something about it didn't feel like the spirit of Sex Week. We weren't exploring the deeper meaning of what we were viewing, but instead just ogling (or being made mildly uncomfortable). We stopped the tape short and we had to challenge PT on what he had showed, which isn't how we wanted the event to go (inviting guests and then attacking them is not in anyone's best interest). But a miscommunication occurred and midway through the event it got pretty dramatic. But at the end of the evening we had produced the dialogue we set out for--one in which our guests challenged our beliefs and we challenged theirs.

What was the biggest lesson of the week?

Ivy League students will do just about anything to get their hands on something that vibrates.

Who sponsored?

We were graced by the most generous sponsors ever. Pure Romance's CEO Patty Brisben and her brilliant, charming, and gorgeous team of sex educators came... bearing gifts! I have never seen a more respectable individual with their mouth that close to a dildo. After their talk for over 300 students they hosted an even cozier Girls Night Out at a local lounge giving away even more goodies (at the door ladies got an adorable pink box full of a vibrating bullet, a sample of pleasure enhancing cream, and a sensual candle) and talking candidly to women about receiving and sharing pleasure with the help of their phenomenal line of products. Girls' Night Out made me so jealous. Ladies only, open bar, and a near endless supply of kinky toys. I did somehow wind up with some lube anyway that tastes like cotton candy.

On a similar note the Evolve campaign from Trojan, although unapologetically obsequious to gender stereotypes, is progressive in the sense that it saves lives by advocating protection first and their brand name second.

Do anything naughty?

I got to wear full body latex for a photo shoot to advertise one of our events. Have you ever had this opportunity? If it cost less than $800 there would be one in my closet right now. Maybe I can make an Adriana Bertini inspired stretch suit out of the 1,600 leftover condoms from Trojan.

Oh, and I think Martin Bashir touched my ass.


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