Our fabu intern Colin (pictured above on the far right!) was the event coordinator of Sex Week at Yale. His responsibilities included crowd control, wrangling porn stars and solving the kind of problems that are bound to pop up during an 8-day sexual extravaganza: "What do we do with all these condoms?"

Damn, why wasn't college like this for us? In a two-part interview, Colin dishes on whether porn icon Ron Jeremy, sex therapist Dr. Ruth, pick-up artist "Mystery" and others gave good workshop at SWAY. Part I is below; Part II to follow tomorrow. 

Em & Lo: What was the most popular event/speaker?

Colin: When Sex Week at Yale gets covered by the media or criticized by conservatives*, you feel as though we spend the whole week watching porn. But actually the events that had people standing in the isles and doubling up in chairs were The Female Orgasm with Logan Levkoff and Patty Brisben's presentation on her Pure Romance line of sex-enhancing toys and lubricants which are mostly for women.
* [ed. note: one poo-poo-ing student quoted in this Fox article a. didn't attend a single Sex Week event and b. never even spoke with a sex week team member about their plans]

Who was your favorite speaker/what was your favorite event?

I think my favorite speaker may have been Dr. Helen Fisher. She's absolutely brilliant and has made so many significant strides in terms of the study of sexuality. But she's also spent so much time researching how people interact romantically that when she impersonates the most effective methods of flirtation in front of an audience, you know she has it perfected and could make anyone in the house melt.

What was the most controversial presentation and why?

Dealing with pornographic material at an academic institution will always be controversial. The screening of Vivid's materials could have been done in a more constructive manner in which we really analyzed how these graphic images affected sexuality in our society. Lots of students weren't happy to have pornographers on campus and some were offended by our decision to view X-Rated material.

What was the most eye opening and why? 

The Great Porn Debate with Ron Jeremy and Monique Alexander arguing the pros and Craig Gross of and Donnie Pauling arguing the con side may have been the most eye opening. Craig and Donnie were able to illuminate many of the dark sides of the porn industry that really challenged a lot of students' common conception of the "glamorous" business of adult entertainment. Ron and Monique were able to make some interesting points about a woman's choice to work in porn, and porn's ability to provide an element of fantasy for healthy couples. 

But working first hand this past week with porn stars has swayed me towards the anti-porn side of Steven Hirsch, co-founder of Vivid entertainment, is one of the most impressive businessmen I've had a chance to meet; it just sucks his business involves the degradation of young women. Most of us on the team are pretty disillusioned with the adult entertainment industry. They come off as normal people but the more you work with them the more you get an eerie sense of turpitude. Besides, who needs porn when Craig Gross is your pastor and is that hot?

What made people squirm in their seats the most?

Stevie Jay is a performance artist who uses a lot of humor in his work and deals directly with issues of gender and sexuality and spirituality. His "Multi Chakra Extravaganza" is a bit of a journey. He'll hook you with a few sincere laughs and then thrust you well beyond your comfort zone when he discusses intimacy and masculinity and his home-spun philosophy on being a sexual being in the universe today. He spent a few minutes humping a chair right before he took his shirt off and complained about the social constraints on masculinity. Did that take us past our comfort zone or was it his mini skirt and tube top fairy godmother conversation he had with himself? Oh, no, I'm sorry, I think it was when he decided to sit in a student's lap in the front row. Stevie Jay's slogan, "I Love you, you can't stop me" is 100% on point. You Can't Stop him.

How was Dr. Ruth?

Dr. Ruth is usually everyone's favorite--she's just so little. If anyone has even half the spirit this woman has at age 40 he or she is blessed. She has strong affiliations with Yale University and is currently teaching a seminar on the Jewish Family. People were crowded at the doors to stand on tip-toes and get a glimpse of this legendary figure. She spent a long time pushing the limits of how we talk about sex, and what amazed us when she did was that she looked like our grandma. But at this point I actually think of her more as an actual grandma. She's very much about sex within long-term relationships, and has a sort of whatever-floats-your-boat answer for most questions.

Tune in for Part II tomorrow, when Colin gives us the dirt on Mystery, the female orgasm, and Sex Week's one big regret. 


Ariel said:

Sex week sounds awesome! Wish I could have been there. And great outfit, Colin.

devlin said:

Is it me or is Colin pretty hot? Amirite?

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