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WARNING: this innocent-seeming Women's Health quiz on deciphering sex toys from real household objects sets you up for failure--kind of like those carnival games you can't win. The whole point of undercover toys is that they look exactly like real household items, so in order to do well here you'd need to know every shape a sex toy manufacturer had mimicked. They should have called it a guessing game, not a quiz.

Spoiler alert: we found a pair of real leg cuffs at JT's Stockroom that look exactly like the handcuff necklace they're calling a household item, and the massage oil candle in the silver gravy boat looks exactly like this real gravy boat. Bastards! Of course, we could just be bitter that we wrote an entire book on sex toys and only scored a "Mediocre" on this quiz.

Well, we've given you two answers, so see if you can't put us to shame on this fun little "quiz." But if you want a better sex toy quiz (if we do say so ourselves) in which you can actually use your skills of deduction, play our "Sex Toy or Dog Toy" game.  


Conrad Grossman said:

I got 11 out of 12, and I am dubbed a "certified sexpert." I also spend a lot of time buying sex toys, so I have a leg up.

Ariel said:

I only got a mediocre too, and I read Sex Toy cover to cover. Lame quiz. Who honestly would have thought that gravy boat was a sex toy?!

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