Violet Blue, editor of the new Best Women's Erotica 2008, can give a fellow sex writer an inferiority complex: her resume is, shall we say, impressively well-endowed. Here's an excerpt from her bio at her website (for we couldn't be any more concise than she):

"I'm [a] pro blogger, podcaster, vlogger and fembot at Metblogs SF, Geek Entertainment TV, Gawker Media's Fleshbot, the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, a 12-year SRL vet, and a Forbes Web Celeb. I write for things like Forbes and O, the Oprah Magazine. I'm the best-selling, award-winning author/editor of two dozen books with several translations. I lecture to cyberlaw classes at UC Berkeley, tech conferences and sex crisis counselors at community teaching institutions. My podcast is the notorious Open Source Sex, seen in Wired, Newsweek (MSNBC), and The Wall Street Journal. My tech culture blog is techyum. I self-publish DRM-free audio and ebooks at Digita Publications."

Jeez-us. When does she find time to have sex? Somehow, Violet managed to shuffle her busy schedule in order to fill out our official "Bedpost Interview" questionnaire. Her answers just go to show that the best ingredient for good sex is a decent sense o' humor. 

Is sex like pizza, even when it's bad it's good? Why or why not?
Yes, the delivery boy always comes before I can find my wallet.

Craziest place you've ever had sex?
Steve Jobs's office. During the '08 keynote, of course.

Most underrated erogenous zone?
My local bar.

How does your work affect your sex life?
After three years at Fleshbot and seven at tinynibbles, I can now blog with lube-covered toes, assess a porn video in 20 seconds (seen Helvetica? It's like that), and MacGyver a sex toy/jailbreak tool in 30 seconds with a gum wrapper, 0.08 of an ounce of Astroglide and a "Ballsy Supercock Jeff Stryker King Dong" (in purple), all while
having raging sex. My work has also made me a porn snob. I have a couple thousand dollars worth of free, bad, fire-hazard-creating sex toys and bad porn I don't want and cannot give away no matter how hard I try, but my lovers have constant zombie-like grins, so it equals out.

Favorite on-screen sex scene?
All of Secretary (even the pathetic bits), History of Violence stairs scene, much of the unrated Crash (Cronenberg version). Oh, and Pretty Woman because it's so sick and dark.

Desert island sex-toy?
Sense of humor. Liquid Silk. Or Viggo Mortensen. All else can be improvised.

Best sex advice you've ever given or received?
Given: "Our sexuality is as individual to ourselves as a fingerprint. Configure, enjoy, then call the first version 'beta' and reconfigure. Sex evolves as we grow." Received: "Don't lick the copper wire when it's plugged in."

Dead historical person you'd have sex with if you could (alive, of course)?
Louise Brooks and Steve McQueen--sorry, I need a necrothreesome.

Least sexy "sex symbol"?
Ugh, so many to choose from. Jennifer Aniston, entire cast of Sex and the City. Everyone who's supposed to be a sex symbol right now. But I'd do Beyoncé and Stephen Colbert in a red-hot all-American second.

Rate the following in order of importance, from greatest to least: sex, love, money, fame, chocolate, Facebook.
Facebook is important to anyone? Here's my list: love, sex, blogging, lube, absinthe, pranks, superlative tech gadgets, high-speed Internet connections, decent porn, avoiding the safety of complacency, sex toys that are like power tools that make the lights dim like in those old women's prison movies ("OMG I chipped a *tooth* on her TOOL"). Fame, money and facebook are all the same.


Sarah said:

Fame, money and facebook are all the same.

How cool is she? I think I'm in love.

D. Shorb said:

Violet Blue is just pure awesomeness. I look forward to reading her site everyday.

Have a Great Day!

scu said:

Fancy a louche, mon amie? The peridot brings out your eyes... (absinthe-induced post!)

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