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Even though the overwhelming majority of birth control options fall on the shoulders of women, we've always insisted that the hetero ladies also take an active role in condom selection, procurement, and storage. Just because he wears it doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't have a say in the kind and quality of protection--this is your STD protection too, you know! (We once met an atrocious old-school high-maintenance uptowner who told us she never bought herself drinks or condoms: "That's the man's responsibility." If she wasn't on the Pill and wearing Manolos, she'd have been barefoot and pregnant.) 

And so, in honor of the end of National Condom Week, we wanted to apprise all the the smart, independent, pro-active and accessory-addicted woman out there of "Just In Case," the cool condom compact (created by a mom & daughter team). You gotta love their tagline: "Warning: Side Effects of Carrying a Just In Case Compact can cause self-confidence, empowerment and a knowing smile." Plus, it's just way better (and safer) than carrying condoms loose in your purse or tucked in your wallet or back pocket. There's the original square compacts, but we like the little black Just In Case II


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