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"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." What a great proverb. Too bad it's from a dandruff commercial. And you know anything having to do with advertising is usually just a big fat lie. So don't be too quick to dis every flaky-scalped hottie who looks over their snow-covered shoulder at you this week--they'll probably turn out to be a Pulitzer Prize winner or, at the very least, a Prada model.

03.31.2008  BY EM & LO

The New York Times mag story this weekend called "Students of Virginity" turned out to basically be one big profile of a single student at Harvard who doesn't have sex, Janie Fredell. (Man, if we knew not having bad, unsatisfying, drunken sex in college would mean our own feature in the Times, complete with full-page picture before the age of 22, we totally would have regrown our hymens back then in a heartbeat.) Her arch nemesis (our term), a student sex blogger named Lena Chen, does get a little print time too--enough to help cast these two women on opposite extremes of the sexuality rainbow (not the gay one), which, in our humble opinion, is not where you want to be.

On the one hand, you've got Fredell talking about the feminist empowerment that comes from being in total control of your body, your emotions, your life when you say no to sex. We dig it: abstinence can be an excellent choice for many people. And we totally get why a college student (or anyone, for that matter) would want to avoid all the potentials cons of sex: unplanned pregnancy, STDs,  insecurities about your body, mind games, betrayals, broken hearts, messy sheets, embarrassing bodily noises, not having your own needs met by a drunken frat guy, etc. But...

03.31.2008  BY EM & LO
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It was just sex, sex, and sex this weekend in the Times Magazine. Okay, just sex and sex. First, a "Domains" piece (i.e. cool stuff I own that will make you feel unstylish and poor) about Dita Von Teese, the queen of modern retro burlesque. If you like their interview here, check out the one Lo did with her for Nerve seven years ago, before she was even the future ex-Mrs. Marilyn Manson. You'll need a premium membership, or else you can just read an excerpt after the jump. For a reaction to the magazine's second sex piece, "Students of Virginity" (guess that would be their no-sex piece), see our next post.

03.31.2008  BY EM & LO

A weekly round-up of our own favorite sex-related musings on the web:
  • We think Copyranter got the body part wrong that these stylish (yet potentially offensive) French depilatory cream ads are intended for (Miss Epil: "Ladies please use"). Still, the ads inadvertently suggest that actually going au natural will keep things exciting and adventurous for the fellas.

03.28.2008  BY EM & LO
Our friend Jamie Kirkpatrick, who lost a testicle to cancer, finally updated his survival story (while still leaving us hanging--damn you, "to be continued") in honor of his 6th annual "Jamie's Ball," a rockin' charity event with the tagline "party your nut off." If you're in NYC this Saturday, go! If not, you can see what you're missing here, get an idea of his sense of humor here, and then donate here. (Pictured above: Jamie with both balls.)

03.28.2008  BY EM & LO
Have you heard about, the online game in which young, impressionable girls with vulnerable self-esteem adopt a virtual bimbo and try to her make her hot, thin, pretty and rich with diet pills and plastic surgery and sugar daddies? We know: gag us with a Barbie Doll. Feministing and Erica C. Barnett understandably took the site to task this week--with the latter interestingly pointing out a Tacoma story in which moms can't find any clothes for their adolescent girls that don't make them look like strippers.

But with reports of breast implants among British teens at an all-time high, is it really any surprise something like this would surface? The site is run by two London dudes who somehow manage to talk about "taking care of your Bimbo, sending her to university" as redeeming aspects of the game without cracking up. They claim their site just reflects real life. As despicable as these two are as human beings, they might have a small point here. Is this stuff really that far off from the pressures placed, however unintentionally, by some women's magazines and celebrity tabloids on young girls--because young girls, in an effort to grow up as fast as possible, eat that stuff up. Just a thought...

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Em & Lo have teamed up with Claire at Babeland to break down all the info you'll need to make this very fun decision.; Claire Cavanah; Babeland; clitoris; em & lo; orgasm; rabit habit; Sex and the City; Vibe; vibrators; Em & Lo have teamed up with Claire at Babeland to break down all the info you'll need to make this very fun decision.

Three expert heads are better than one aimlessly wandering through a sex shop not knowing which vibrator to choose. Em & Lo have teamed up with Claire at Babeland to break down all the info you need to make this very fun decision.


If the ubiquitous Dr. Sanjay Gupta says it's coming in the next year, then it must be true! Some quick facts, based on recent studies of this pill: fellas, you take it every day (no skipping a week or taking 7 days of sugar pills, since guys don't menstruate); it takes three months to kick in and three months for sperm count to return after you stop taking it; you'd probably gain four to ten pounds, mostly in muscle mass; it lowers your good cholesterol a bit; and it's 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. Not much there not to love!

But will any dudes take it?...


Just discovered Julia Wertz's "thrice a week" autobiographical cartoon and we heart it. Though she's not in a relationship or even having sex at the moment, her endearing potty mouth makes it obscene enough for us to happily cover here. Plus, peruse the archives and her blog (which has a section called "People I'd Give Handjobs To"), and you'll find comic gems like the ones on oral sex and replacement lovers and her first kiss,  this scan of a hilariously disturbing anti-douching (sorta) ad in a 1963 Redbook, and a post about her reaction to a botched S&M session reported in the "news." Fun stuff.

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