The sex toy shop The Pleasure Chest, with locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, has just launched a personal shopper program in all three stores--free of charge! Here's how it works, according to their PR rep:
The customer will call their local Pleasure Chest store to make an appointment with that store's Personal Shopper. In each store, The Pleasure Chest has created a semi-private seating area for the Pleasure Chest personal shopper and the customer to meet and discuss the service. The initial appointment will be a casual conversation to learn more about the customer--to find out about the client, what their goals/hang ups are and where they see their physical relationship going. The Pleasure Chest Personal Shopper with then work with the client over a series of appointments (TBD according to what the customer is seeking to achieve) and will outline ways for them to reach their goals.
What goals might customers have?...
  • being more confident in the bedroom with their partner
  • exploring toys/products and trying new things
  • understanding how to reach new sexual heights
  • becoming a better lover to your partner
  • reaching orgasm with/without your partner around
  • fulfilling a sexual fantasy or a partner's fantasy
Once goals are established, The Pleasure Chest Personal Shopper will create a customized lifestyle program for each client, which will outline various product recommendations, workshops, literature and timeline to help each client reach their desired objectives.
Of course, we can't help but think the only way to make this free of charge is to subject all shoppers to the (rock) hard sell. And if you're insecure about any area of your sexuality to begin with, do you really need someone making you feel like you're a loser in bed if you don't get product X, attend workshop Y and read book Z? Also, a series of appointments? That's like someone asking you out for a series of dates before you've even had one--back off dude.

All that said, we love the idea of this. Sex toy shops can be intimidating and overwhelming: where do you start?! So if you can have your very own sex toy hand-holder, we think that could be awfully helpful (not to mention sweet). As long as they don't get too aggressive, start pressuring you to go further than you want, or expect you to have a long-term relationship right from the start, it could be a great date!

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