03.25.2008  BY EM & LO
Having Your Cake
& Eating It Too

As a couple married over 25 years, our relationship can be either dynamic or static, but regarding sexual attitudes as they impact our relationship, sex, erotica, and fantasies keep it dynamic. I read the article and found it a mature examination of a dynamic relationship.

Given no two people in a relationship have the exact sexual 'genome', opening up to one another's views and desires allow the closeness they describe, as well as the insecurities wrought penis vibrators by such examination. From that exposure can come the strength, security and understanding they have discovered....or the potential to destroy the same. You can't get there any other way....unless your relationship in that sugar daddy sites matter is static...a mutual fear or lack of desire to examine it can have the same result, failure.

We do not have an open relationship, I don't think either of desires to go there...but everything up to that has been openly examined and experienced. No regrets, no negatives. We are closer because of sharing thoughts and experiences. We are top hookup apps more comfortable and secure in examining our feelings and confronting insecurities. We never crossed a line which we could not mentally handle, nor one unless we were both in agreement.

The "we could if we wanted" and the "been there done that" makes us a very close and secure couple in all day butt plug these matters. Does that in itself assure our longevity together? No...but it would never be a reason for departure.

Lastly...maybe we have not gone down the line far enough to have what "they have"...but we went as far as we desired, for now. Keep in mind, a sexual life examined can be one that is more fulfilling.



Now that is one good-lookin' couple!

By the way, a little birdie tells me has his very own website, where anyone can read his work. Hooray!

Click here, friends


It's fascinating how open relationships are so often seen as doomed at the start, and every time one fails it's taken as proof that open relationships just don't work. Whereas "monogamous" couples fail all the time as well, often because of cheating, and that's not seen as proof that monogamous relationships just don't work. Why not?

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