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Why? Because we say so. There are some claims out there that May is National Orgasm Month, but May is National Masturbation Month, thanks to National Masturbation Day either on May 7th or May 28th (depending on who you ask), so lets spread the love around a bit--no need to cram all the naughty fun into one month. December 22nd, the winter solstice, was Global Orgasm Day, but we figure December's already crowded with all those religious holidays that might not want to share the spotlight. There are also one or two renegade sites claiming that October is National Orgasm Month ("it's the only month with a big O", ha!), but we think the year is big enough to have two Orgasm Months every six.

April just makes sense: the weather gets warmer, the birds and the bees come out, the flowers start to bloom, we're constantly reminded of Georgia O'Keefe paintings, and spring fever hits. What better time to focus on feeling good, whether alone or with a partner? So stay tuned to Daily Bedpost this month for all sorts of O-themed rants and raves: how to have them, how to improve them, what "kinds" exist, what fantasies fuel them, and where you can find more info on la petite mort.

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Until our next new O-post, please send your orgasm-related stories to [email protected]. Here's what we want to know:

1. How do you orgasm (favorite techniques, tools, fantasies, etc)?

2. When do you orgasm: whenever you or your partner tries, only by yourself, once in a blue moon when the planets are aligned just right....?

3. Describe your orgasm: genitally-focused, full-body, clitoral, G-spot/vaginal, extended, Tantric....?

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