04.28.2008  BY EM & LO
Urban Outfitters describes this beaver whisk as "surprisingly versatile" with an "ergonomically formed high-density plastic handle with non-slip grip." Which is a euphemism for "spanking tool" if we ever heard one. Come on, it's shaped like a beaver! And it's only $6.99--what's not to love? Keep it in with your spatulas and garlic press and your nosy mother-in-law will be none the wiser when she visits. But do us a favor and stick to fleshy areas when spanking your loved one. (And if your loved one doesn't have any fleshy areas, then make them a freakin' sandwich instead.)


Ariel said:

I found that while looking for this... although I don't think the squid scrub brush could serve any sexual purpose...

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We hate to break it to you schmucks (and we mean schmuck in the most loving, Yiddish-for-penis way): Size matters. There, we said it. But in the immortal words of Einstein (and no doubt he was talking about skin flutes), it's all relative. What's a perfectly shaped cuke to one person is a disappointing pig-in-a-blanket to another and an overwhelming meat loaf to yet another.
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