04.15.2008  BY EM & LO
This photo was forwarded to us via email (along with a number of other heavily hair-gelled classics, including a guy posing with his Porsche and numerous men in tank tops with Oompa Loompa-style fake tans) under the subject heading "Why I don't live in Jersey." But we'd like to title this one "The day the fish-pout finally jumped the shark."

Can we all please now agree that there is absolutely nothing sexy about the moue? Okay, so maybe when Angelina does it...but for mere mortals, the look is harder to pull off than dirty talk in daylight (Em has a hundred drunken photos of herself to prove this point). Miley Cyrus may think she looks come-hither when she does it -- as do a million teen girls in their MySpace profile pics, where the Blue Steel look is de rigeur -- but all we can think when we see this expression is, "Who farted?"


Colin said:

Oh my god! Look at all these Jon-Hotties. I'm totally digging their new haircuts.


Anna said:

I would just like to say - I absolutely agree, I know dozens of people who make this face in pictures and I just do not understand why. There isn't a single person that I have seen who looks even marginally attractive. Stop with the kiss face!

stolen pony said:

I couldn't agree more! I think it might have something to do with bringing out the cheekbones? But who knows. Maybe people just like making the fish face .

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