04.29.2008  BY EM & LO

As a general Daily Bedpost rule, we try to avoid pointing out all the creepy/outrageous/distrubing sex-related news stories that break every day. You know, the ones about jilted lovers cutting off their fella's willies, men who grill in the nude by crowded schoolyards, and couples who get in horrible car accidents while doing it behind the wheel. But once in a blue moon a story comes along that is so fucked up, we can't ignore it.

If you haven't heard by now,  an Austrian man (pictured above) lured his 18-year-old daughter, whom he'd been sexually abusing since she was 11, down into his basement, and kept her locked up there for 24 years, during which time he repeatedly raped her and forced her to bear 7 children, 1 of whom died, 3 of whom he kept locked up with her, and 3 of whom he raised "free" as his grandchildren with his wife upstairs. We haven't been this shocked by a story since 2003 when it came out that a German cannibal found a WILLING victim to eat, starting first with the dude's penis, which he flambéed with garlic...

That Hannibal story was just plain gross; this Austrian one is just sad. And it raises so many questions: How could the wife not have known? Did he have accomplices to help him install the security system? Don't kids need sunlight to grow properly? And the most infuriating question of all: Why is he only facing 15 freaking years in prison?!? When you consider the number of people in the world, you can almost understand how once in a while a human will come along who is so tweaked in the head that he could commit such heinous crimes against his own daughter, but we just can't understand how a civilized society could respond to that crime with such a measly punishment. How about solitary confinement in a shoebox, save for some regular rough anal cavity searches, for the rest of his life?

Let's just check out who Splendora thinks has been extra foxy lately so we don't have to think about horrible stuff like this.

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