It's a bitter-sweet week for us: Yale student Colin Adamo, one of our uber-interns, is leaving the nest. He's off to England for a summer internship helping create a gay-friendly college guide to the U.K.--and he's not even gay! So cool.

In honor of his departure (and our borderline-inappropriate, completely platonic, older-sisterly crush on him), we're making this week "Colin Week," during which we'll post some of his recent ruminations on sex and relationships. First, you can check out some of his "RomAntics" columns in the Yale Herald, followed by all his previous Daily Bedposts, in case you missed 'em. You gotta love a kid who uses the word "perspicacious" when writing about sex:



Jen said:


That's my Baby!!

Mom here...

Taught the kid everything he knows.

But not everything I know... hehehe....

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