We just read about this scandalous novel published in Germany, written by an English-born woman, Charlotte Roche, called Feuchtgebiete--it's been a huge hit, precisely because it's offended so many people with it's graphic accounts of sex and bodily functions (for example, the very first line mentions hemorrhoids and later there is an avocado core grown specifically for masturbatory use). It's soon to be published in her native tongue, and we can't wait--not necessarily for the raunchy sex, but because of this kick-ass quote from the author in The Guardian this past weekend:
'I wanted to present the whole package,' said Roche. 'Women aren't just a sexy presentation space, they also get ill, they have to go to the toilet, they bleed. If you love someone and sleep with them, you'll have to face those dirty bits--otherwise you might as well not get started with the business of sex in the first place.'
Amen, sister. That's the problem with lad mags (and even women's mags) these days--they create unrealistic expectations about the female body that 99 percent of ordinary women can't ever live up to. We're all stinky, hairy, humping animals who, on occasion, fart and poo. We're not for making those things the highlights of sex (that's what gross gonzo porn is for)--and hey, maintaining a little mystery is good for most relationships--but it's important to accept (indeed even just to be aware of) the somewhat harsh realities of the flesh. That's the foundation of true intimacy with another sex animal.


German Book Worm said:

Sadly, the book hardly lives up toyour expectations.

It's written in extremely poor literary style, and all the disgusting details don't draw a realistic image of the female body either.

Plus, a lot of the practices described in the book are just as weird and unrealistic, and build just as much expectation (like being able to come from pure anal penetration or inserting a whole shower head down your vagina) that no one can live up to as to mainstream media.
Maybe that's the whole point of it, but if so, it doesn't come across.

Sorry for the spoiler, read it anyways to get your own ideas.

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