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Over the years, we've been approached by a lot of television production companies about doing shows on sex. But it's always all talk and no action. Either A) we don't like the show idea, B) we don't actively pursue it because we're scared shitless of being in front of a camera, or, most commonly, C) they meet us and realize we're writers for a reason: much better on paper than in person. Think Cindy Brady in the episode where she freezes on the television quiz show. (See the beginning of our previous post for exhibit A of such television disappointments.)

So when our British publishers of "Sex: How to Do Everything" got us in touch with Channel Five in England, we didn't think much of it. When Channel Five got in touch with the production company talkbackThames, we didn't think much of it. When our publisher, the Channel Five exec, and the talkbackThames exec were all in New York City and took a two-hour train-ride just to meet us, we still didn't think much of it. But within two months we had a signed contract and are now currently in London shooting our first ever television show: a summer series of ten hour-long episodes, each dedicated to one area of sex (for example, seduction, masturbation, fantasy, and even--lord help us--anal)...

It's been a crazy hectic schedule: it had to be this way, as the first episode airs on June 5th (sorry, only in the U.K.-- good for Lo whose parents are in the States, bad for Em whose parents are in England). We shot some footage in New York City (the picture above was taken in Times Square) before hopping a plane to London. It's probably best that it's happened so fast, before we've had a chance to really think about what we've gotten ourselves into. talkbackThames has taken very good care of us, and included us in the process, but we're learning that television is a very different beast from books, where we have a lot more control over our image and message (um, yeah, we're control freaks). We pride ourselves on providing a very specific message to our audience--one that's feminist and funny and fair and fairly tame. So we'll see whether these subtleties translate into TV--and, in particular, British TV, where you can show full frontal nudity, male AND female, at 11 p.m. (our time slot). It's all a big leap of faith, one which we ourselves are taking fully clothed (in case that wasn't clear, it's the models who are nekkid). If the footage we've seen so far is any indication, we won't regret it: it's all been very cool, slick and tasteful. Yes, usually "tasteful nude work" is anything but--still, we're confident that's not an oxymoron here.

So if you have friends in the U.K., tell them to Tivo it (or whatever the U.K. equivalent of Tivo is).


Laura Y. said:

Wow! You guys look amazing! Congrats on the new TV show -- I hope it airs (or gets on DVD at Betflix) here in the States someday.

Laura from the olden days at Nerve (when I was Laura L.)

Phil Sexton said:

The U.K. equivalent is "Plus it" and I shall be doing so as I am in one of the shows.... ooh blimey!

Aniya said:

Hey! I just want to say that it was lots of fun filming the Seduction show with you! All the best! Cant wait till the episode airs! SO funny when all three of us were in the bed and all they guys around us went crazy! hah!

Peace & Love


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