Very rarely are other people's dreams interesting...except when they're about sex. Dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tackles the case of the half-naked cowgirl who showed up in Jenny's boyfriend's nocturnal visions. Could his biological clock be ticking or does he just think Jenny's vajayjay is hot? Find out after the jump (right after you send us your own dreams!):

I'm 30, my boyfriend is 47. I would like you to analyze my boyfriend's sexual dream, because I'd like to get to know him better and get a deeper look into his psyche. Here's how his dream went:

We were on a ranch, the fields were bright green. Even though the trees were old, everything looked so plush, green and fresh. I was sitting on a wooden log with no panties and a mini skirt with my legs crossed. I was wearing a cowboy hat.  He was wearing a cowboy hat too, a different one. He was stroking a guitar (which he does not know how to play in real life), singing in a southern twang, serenading me with the words: "Kiss an angel in the morning, Love her like the devil when she comes home"...all the while looking up my skirt.

And then I woke him up with a phone call.

Thank you,

Lauri Loewenberg: Ooh girl! I'm thinking you've got yourself a good one here. The plush, green field indicates that he feels this relationship is fertile ground for growth! The old trees are interesting though. Is there a part of him that might want to start a family with you, but thinks he is too old? Trees in dreams very often refer to the family tree. This may also be why he was focusing on your vagina. Yes, what man wouldn't try to sneak a peek at your wonderland, but when dreaming, men actually go a little deeper. The "fertile" ground for growth, in his eyes, may be up there inside that mini skirt!!  And how about those Charlie Pride lyrics? Methinks he hath "pride" in his new young philly! Which would be you. :-)

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