In honor of Em's husband's tell-almost-all article on and in the print mag (see previous post), we wrote a companion sidebar to the piece called "4 Ways Our Sex Blog Has Improved Our Sex Lives." It's true, writing and opining and joking about sex here on DailyBedpost does have its fringe benefits. But it's not all toe curls and spine tingles. (Besides, talking only about how amazing our sex lives are is a way to get rotten fruit thrown at our heads.) So here's the dark side of sex writing:

1. There are times when it gets to the end of a work day and the last thing we want to do is think about, talk about, or--god forbid--actually have sex. Not having sex makes us feel a bit like hypocrites, or charlatans, or just plain lazy bums. And as far as our fellas are concerned: we guess it'd be kind of a bummer if you married a hairdresser and, at the end of the day, she just couldn't be bothered to trim your locks for you; but then apply that to oral sex and, well, sometimes we bet our guys wished they'd married hairdressers instead...

2. We're always saying that the bedroom should be a place that's all about sex and sleep--because a pile of work on the night-stand or a pile of dirty laundry in the corner isn't going to put anyone in the mood. Yet we're both guilty of bringing our laptops to bed when we're working on posts and we just can't bear to sit at a desk anymore.

3. Researching sex online can be a depressing endeavor--you learn about the horrible sexual crimes committed all over the world, the sad state of sex education in America, the disgusting porn vids making the rounds, etc. Even when we don't cover them here (we don't like to be buzz kills), those ideas and images, once burned in your brain, can really be a turn off.

4. When you work at home, it's really just too easy to stay in your pajamas, go days without showering, never brush your hair, and on bad days, forget to brush your teeth. It's a good day when an upgrade to sweatpants is made. All of which is not exactly conducive to feeling sexy.

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