06.09.2008  BY EM & LO
We've just been introduced to The Wet Spots. They're a--get this--bisexual, polyamorous, husband-and-wife musical sex comedy duo from Canada! That alone should pique your interest, but check them out, if for no other reason than the fact that their songs are really charming, cute and catchy. One listen to "Do You Take It" and you'll be singing it all day long in places you really shouldn't. "Fist Me This Christmas" and the tiki tune "Labia Limbo" are also good ones off their album, Hello Kinky (available on iTunes). Cass King and John Woods, as they're more formerly known, will be in Portland, Toronto, New York and D.C. in the coming weeks--if their YouTube videos are any indication, it should be a good night out of adult sex ed cleverly disguised as crass cabaret.


Alpine said:

They are a great band. If you ever get a chance to see them live you should.

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