06.05.2008  BY EM & LO

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If you're a regular around these here parts, you know we're not afraid of the word "feminism." (Or maybe you could just guess from our previous post.) Maybe that dates us, what with the young'uns these days thinking that feminism=man-hating (bless 'em), but as long as ladies still aren't earning the same as gents for the same job, we think the term is still useful. And so are sites like Feministing, one of our faves (read a couple of posts and you'll want to take to the streets and riot!). But we can see how gals writing to gals about the shit end of the stick we gals sometimes get may be a bit preaching-to-the-choir. Which is why we heart feminist males. Not that we need a man to legitimize our cause or anything, but when men speak out about their fellow men behaving badly, we can't help but think they may be able to convert a few more dudes to the pink side. Take Ramin Setoodeh and his Newsweek article "Sexism and the City", in which he criticizes all the unjustified hatin' guys feel entitled to let loose on anything deemed purely female. We're not even big "Sex and the City" fans and he made even us want to defend Carrie's disgusting shoe habit! (Okay, that's our last post on SATC, we swear.)

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