06.09.2008  BY EM & LO
People who don't know better often remark to us how lucky our guys must think themselves to be married to sex experts. To which we often reply, "Well, maybe you should ask them." Sure, they're proud of what we do, they love our books and blog, and they think we have one of the coolest careers ever (so do we, it should be said). But it's not ALL swinging from the chandeliers and road-testing cool new sex toys. And we know they both wish we practiced what we preached a little more often...

After all, it's one thing to tell a reader in an advice column that you can't get lazy about your sex life and that you shouldn't take your partner or your orgasms for granted--it's another thing to actually DO those things.

In an article over on Glamour.com, Em's husband Rob discusses what else happens when you shack up with a sex expert. (Note to other sex experts: beware of letting visiting parents down into the basement if that's where you toss all the free sex toys you haven't yet got around to testing.) Oh, and for the record: the lovely editors at Glamour are responsible for referring to us as "sex geniuses." We reckon we've got a few decades to go before we earn that honorific.


Lisa said:

I just wanted to say that I loved Rob's article and it was how i found out about this awesome site!

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