Vergenza is a new high-end sex toy company whose manifesto has cutie-patootie lines like "We believe in the perfectly tailored birthday suit" and "We believe that aircraft-grade spun aluminum is the new hot fudge chocolate sundae." Their premiere sex toy is a non-vibrating dildo called the Mk. I--pretty unsexy sounding with awkward punctuation if you ask us, but some of you car/video-game/model airplane geeks might like it. We haven't gotten samples yet (shipping a metal sex toy to London would cost an arm and leg and maybe another appendage), so we just asked Vergenza founder Jessica Resler to give us the quick and dirty low down:

Why the name Mk. I?
We wanted to keep with our theme for aircraft-quality spun aluminum (a safe, non-toxic material that's nonporous) and Mk. I was often a model number for planes in the 1920's.

How big is it? 
8" by 1.25" in diameter and 11 oz.

What does the design do in terms of sensation?...
The six pleasure orbs provide an exceptional sexual experience, and the double-ended handle allows for gender neutral play in solo or couples entertainment. The temperature properties of aluminum allow it to hold a desired temperature as applied. What we love most about the design is the high style element, which is what we're all about.

How do you clean it?  
The Mk. I can be sterilized by boiling or cleaned with ease using hot water and soap.

Does it come with use, care and cleaning instructions?

Yes, we have a product insert that gives care instructions and recommended suggestions for upkeep. The Mk. I is indestructible; however it will scratch if force from other metals is applied.

How much does it retail for?

Where can you buy it? and online; in stores at The Pleasure Chest in New York, L.A. and Chicago.

To find out more about the Mk. I and Vergenza, check out this interview with Jessica on the Pleasure Chest's blog, The Principals of Pleasure.

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