Big Ben, Yorkshire Pudding, afternoon tea--we're skipping all the traditional touristy stuff while we promote our new book and shoot our first TV show here in London, and instead we've been trying to get a sense of the more seedy side of town. What follows is the first in a series of photographs that document London's sexual vibe...

Subtle T-shirt:

"Tipping is sexy" (written on a dinner bill):


Sexist candybar:


Dairy porn:

A Londoner playing with his balls:


Hot women and fast cars (or is it the other way around?):

Apparently indecent exposure is a problem here:

A lovely stroll in a park along the Thames:

park_butt.jpg(don't you hate it when you forget to put your underwear on?)


Colin said:

I Saw that candy bar as well when I was grocery shopping yesterday. What does it mean?!? I was totally confused.

tory said:

i ate one of those candy bars when i was in london a few years ago, i got kinda nervous that it was gonna make me grow hair or become manly, but it didnt do anything. it tasted great though!

Michelle said:

It's just their marketing campaign... it's meant to be a big, chunky, manly bar of chocolate as opposed to girly ones like a Flake or Galaxy! There were ads and stuff to go along with the rebrand when they did it a few years ago.

I love them, though, so damn their sexist chocolate-eating rules! I'll be munching on Yorkies as per usual.


Urinating in public is a HUGE problem over in the UK. While studying abroad I saw more penis' than I would watching porn...truly. Though an interesting can defecate anywhere you need to.

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