07.03.2008  BY EM & LO
We happened to catch an interview with Jay-Z on the Jonathan Ross Show in London last week, and we have to say: that dude is funny. And charming. (Jay-Z, we mean...or Jay-Zed, as Jonathan Ross nicknamed him.) Who knew? Well, besides Beyoncé. We never really got what she saw in him before--and now, we kinda do. Also, thanks to this week's issue of Us Weekly magazine (Em is a loud-and-proud subscriber), we now know that Jay-Z--along with Diddy--is a fan of the Brozilian wax. Apparently he thinks that "bald is beautiful," according to a source. We can't second that emotion--all we can picture is plucked chickens--but we do applaud his good-for-the-goose, good-for-the-gander approach to pubic hair. And, hey, everyone knows that shorter grass makes trees look taller.


You ladies! On the day that you post about Jay Zed on the Jonathan Ross show, so I posted about Mary J Blige on the self same show.

And yes, I couldn't agree more. I never got the Jay Zed and Beyonce thing but I have to say he looks a whole lot more attractive to me since I saw that interview. Cute...almost.

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