07.14.2008  BY EM & LO
We never thought we'd live to see the day when fashionistas would enlighten us with a concept more ridiculous than "toe cleavage." (People, it even has its own Wikipedia entry! What is wrong with this world?!? Now the rest of us have to feel dirty every time our shoes accidentally show a little toe crack.) Then again, we kind of knew that we would. In fact, we almost can't believe that it took those fashionistas so long to come up with the new trend of butt cleavage.

Is this officially the moment that fashion has become a caricature of itself? We're reminded of that terrible 1981 comedy starring Ryan O'Neal called So Fine in which a wardrobe malfunction leads to a new, utterly idiotic fashion trend: jeans with a see-through cellophane ass.

If we squint, we guess it kind of looks like up-top cleavage, but doesn't that just reveal the ridiculousness of décolletage? It's certainly no more ridiculous than butt floss. But will women really pay $38 for something called the "Crack in the back panty"? Maybe gals who have "ass men" for boyfriends will. But we don't believe even those guys could take one look at these undies and not think about posting letters in a mailbox. [Via SheFinds]


filo said:

It reminds me of Ursula in "Cien años de Soledad", who would wear a long nightdress with a strategical hole so that her husband couldn`t see her naked. I didn´t know whether to laugh or cry. Anyway, if the marketing is good, we´ll see a lot of shaggy, fat, white bottoms next spring. Good news for plastic surgeons!

BitchBuzz said:

Dear. God. That is so nasty! Please don't let this become a fashion trend...please, please, please. I'm still trying to get over leggings...

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