You've got a first name, a last name, a nickname, and... a name for your genitals?; impertinent question; daily bedpost; New York; genitals; em & lo; You've got a first name, a last name, a nickname, and... a name for your genitals?


Gwendolyn said:

Guys can do it so can women. Mine is Betty!!

Tammy said:

My pet name for my "lady-part" is Clitopatra

d said:

i keep it simple. i call her honey for all her sticky sweetness.

nunya said:

i call it the big v...or va-jay-jay...or pussy....or HIS happy place

K said:

my cousins and I like to call it a peach...due to the sweetness of it I suppose.....:-)

Danielle said:

Ever since I was a little girl I've always called my downstairs a frog.


I call her "JUICY LUCY" because she


my daughters taught me a name i thought was cute--my monkey lol!!

sally esqueda said:

sweet candy box

BECKIE said:

Sweetness is her name.

SunnyDay said:

Hi ,

Names for the Female genetalia include :

1) Forbidden City

2) Her Flower

3) Hotlips

Names for the Male Genetalia include :

1) Population Stick

2) Family Jewels

3) Wedding tackle

4) Twig and Berries

Stephanie said:

Well, I have called it a Lucy or Judy, but my favorite is a Pee-She (peeshe). Girls have PeeShe's and Boys have a Pee-He or a PeePee. My Daughter came up with that!

Karen said:

My got named when I was married my first husband. He named her Lucille.


I named my "lady-part" my passion flower,I names his the thrill drill!

dr.anoel said:

i call mine "princess"

Bemsie said:

Her name has been Susie, since I was 10, lol!


Gushy..its my Gushy!

Eve said:

I let the man name it and 3 different men have come up with......Buttercup, Juicyfruit, and ButteryF-tunnel. It's fun and cute at the same !

KK said:

I call my vagina my "cha-cha" or pot-pie. I wrk n the ER, so if a patient has a odo down there, i call it a "skunk patch".LOL

junebug said:

My fave term is "Miss Kitty", the one that totally makes me cringe is the "C**t" word. As for my man's parts, Captain Marvel or Mr Happy.

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