On top? On bottom? Em & Lo ask New Yorkers about their favorite sexual positions.; Position; doggy style; sex; on bottom; New York; favorite; positions; daily bedpost; missionary; on top; Sexuality; em & lo; On top? On bottom? Em & Lo ask New Yorkers about their favorite sexual positions.


Sherri said:

I like doggy style....the deeper the better the orgasm

Blaine said:

For sex my favorite position is when she's on top, then we can go for as long as she wants, with her being charge, having all the orgasms she wants and keeping me hard for 3 or 4 hours...Making love is another matter, to hold each other close face to face, kissing and carressing, laying on our sides in bed wrapped in each other's arms and legs.

jessica-J said:

I like to be on top.........i love riding.

Alex said:

I like riding it... But... I love it from the back...

Omaris L said:

i love being on top!!And hes loves it that way too!

Bree said:

Hmmm, i love a little bit of everything.

The informer said:

My favorite positions are doggy style and misssionary. I feel you get more contact that way from your partner.

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