Sometime in the early '90s, a sexologist by the name of Edward Eichel claimed he had discovered a brand new way to do it that guaranteed simultaneous orgasms in the missionary position every time! Obviously he had a rather exaggerated sense of his own accomplishment (otherwise he would have won a Nobel, or at least had a very large building named after him)--but the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.) certainly has a lot going for it.
The basic idea is to provide clitoral stimulation during genital intercourse. It's a toughie to master--it sounds more like calculus than copulation when you try to describe its ins and outs. Beyond just following the specific steps below, mastering the C.A.T. requires a philosophical readjustment. Abandon your assumptions that intercourse automatically means a piston-like motion, lots of flailing about, and a rush to climax. For the C.A.T., you've got to take what some might call a more "feminine" approach to sex: think small subtle movements, full-body contact with a focus on the clitoris and the pelvic mounds, and a Buddhist-like repetition of steps that may very well get her closer to Zen (i.e. orgasm) than any other hands-free intercourse position out there.

After the jump, 5 steps to letting the C.A.T. out of the bag...

1. Start off in the basic missionary: she's lying on her back with her legs just outside his; he's inside her with his legs very close together. In order to initiate penetration most easily, his upper body should be raised a bit and his pelvis may be a bit lower than hers (i.e. a bit further down her body) and between her legs. This is a great position for the typical in-out, but once penetration has occurred, you must kiss this stance goodbye if you want to successfully achieve the C.A.T.

2. Here's where the crucial alignment takes place: he cups her shoulders with his arms under her armpits so that he's resting on her (some of his weight can be on his forearms, but he should maintain as much body contact and pressure as is comfortable for her). While keeping his penis inside her, he pulls his body up along hers, toward her head, so that their pelvises are aligned (his directly on top of hers). His legs are straight and together, and her ankles are resting on his calves (her legs should be as straight and elongated as possible while wrapped around his lower legs; if it feels better she can try laying them straight on the bed right up against his legs). In this position, his head (the one on his shoulders) is beside her head (to one side of her face). His penile head should still be inserted, though much of the shaft will now be outside of the vaginal canal, pressing up against the top half of her external genitalia. Both spines should be as straight as possible. His upper body should be relaxed.

3. While in position #2, as he's pushing up along her body, she tips her pelvis away from him (down into the bed) so his penis comes almost all the way out and she can feel its base pressing against her clitoris. It's a very small, subtle movement--you don't want the penis to fully withdraw from the vagina.

4. Next, he pushes down with his pelvis so his whole body moves lower down her body and his penis enters her fully, while she tilts her hips up to help envelop him. He's still lying on her (some of his weight on his forearms, but he should maintain full body contact). Their legs are still as straight as possible, hers still wrapped around his lower legs (or as low as possible in this position)--her aim is to keep her upper thighs and knees close together rather than bent and opened like a flower (as in more traditional positions). The difference in his pelvis position between step 3 and this one is only about 4 inches (so in step 3, his pelvis is directly above hers; in this step it's about 4 inches lower down her body and his pelvis is closer to the bed, tipped at an angle and between her legs). Still with us?

5. Now, you simply repeat this hip-rocking movement over and over again: he moves up as she tips down, he moves down as she tilts up, and so on. Do not speed up--that's so macho. The goal is to maintain a constant pressure and rubbing against the area from her pubic bone down to her vaginal opening (with the clitoris in between, of course) with his penile shaft, his own pubic bone, and the weight of his body. If you get it right and get into a groove, you might not be able to tell where one of you ends and the other begins. To put it more bluntly, you'll feel like you're fucking and being fucked at the same time. 

Some of the above can be found in our books The Big Bang and Sex: How to Do Everything.


The Stranger said:

I've heard and read about C.A.T. However, I still have trouble visualizing this particular technique. Are there any diagrams/videos/etc. on C.A.T.? My SO and I would love to be able to "add this to our repertoire."

just me said:

One of my gurlfriends told me about this and so i just had to read it. but when i brought it up to my husband he got really mad and thinks he don't please me anymore. what should i do how could i get him to do it but not be so open to what i am doing.


This works! I highly recomend it! Slow, sensual and delicious! Not just for me but my b/f really likes it too.

SubGothius said:

Basically, it's missionary but the man is "riding high" (further up on the woman's body), and the woman is keeping her legs flat on the bed (rather than lifting them at all), so that his public bone and the base and shaft of his penis is rubbing her clitoris.

Imagine (or practice by :^) inserting a dildo/vibrator while she's lying flat on her back, then angle the base of the dildo straight up while the tip is still barely inside her, so it's nearly vertical while she's still horizontal, and the uninserted part of the shaft is rubbing her mons, clitoris, and the upper part of her labia as you move the phallus down/up to move it in/out of her. That's the same angle you want the man's penis going at it, after insertion.

To accomplish this insertion angle, your bodies will settle into a rhythm where one is moving upward (towards the other's head) relative to the other moving down (towards the other's toes), kind of like the motion of your hands when you rub them together.

This can also be done with the woman on top, although she will need to keep her legs pointing straight back (rather than sitting on her knees in "ride'em cowgirl" style). Whomever is on top will likely do a lot of rhythmic pushing against the mattress with their toes, like bouncing on their tiptoes, but horizontally, while the one on the bottom pretty much just has to rock their pelvis and/or maybe flex (clench/release) their buttocks.


My fiancee have done this a few times, but I didn't know it was called C.A.T. It was something that I just got into. Although sometimes its hard for him get into the rhythm, but when we do, I orgasm almost instantaneously, every time.

Anonymous said:

Sure beats fapping every night!

busayo kazeem said:

why dont u use some diagram or video to demonstrate this illustration? it would allow some more insights

I have read about C.A.T. Thank you, but i fail to visualize and practice, please can send as picture and/or as a video to my e-mail?


I have alway had a problem w having an orgasm. For some reason this is one of the main positions I do focus on, now I know why. Now I can have my husband read this, because he just thinks it about him sometimes.

anonymous said:

if you can get it to work, trust me its amazing. there is noyhing better than having an orgasm every time you have sex.

Ron said:

This position sounds good....only problem is I am 6'4" and my wife is 5'0". So when we align our pelvis' if I rest on her our heads are no where near aligned. Any suggestions?

colt said:

just go watch some porn you freak

Feliz818 said:

wow i knew how tgo work it but reading this article makes me wanna try it even more wen i see my husband again

anonymous said:

yeah i agree with the stranger i need to actually see how this works.


wow! I didn't know thats what it was called! Hubby and I do this if we've been making love for a bit and I haven't orgasmed yet(hardly happens). Once we do this, its pretty much instantaneous.

chance said:

this is a great article. Thank you very much for putting this out. I totally get the movement idea and i cant wait to try it with my honey!

Em & Lo said:

Yeah, we know it's hard to picture -- and believe it or not, photos or video don't help THAT much because the movement is so tiny, you can barely notice it unless you're actually doing it. We promise we're not just saying that because we don't have video, honest! That said, our most recent book, "Sex: How to Do Everything" does contain a section on CAT with step-by-step photos, in case you're interested:


I've never had a problem having an orgasm in the missionary postion and it doesn't involve any of the five steps. My boyfriend and I come at the same time more often than not in this postion! There's an easier way ladies, and it's not a five step program that you have to keep written down next to the bed or have instructions taped to the ceiling!

Em & Lo said:

Anonymous, don't leave us hanging like that! What's your "easier way" that doesn't involve instructions taped to the ceiling?! It's only polite to share. Though, for the record, we don't believe there is One True Way that's guaranteed to lead to orgasm for every woman, every time. We're all too different, and we're even different on different days, at different times of the month. One woman's recipe for simultaneous orgasm is another woman's snooze-fest. So don't let Anonymous's comment make you feel like you're doing something wrong. :-)

ching said:

i should try the 5 steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ching said:

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lyk what i've discovered...............

larry said:

hey the main issue is not that complicated positioning method but you should and must rub her clitoris while fucking. that's why the motion is sliding up and down...

or if your pannis is having big girth then there could be a good chance that your touching her clitoris area...

for my style i have this 90% chance that my girl will orgasm because of that..

100805 said:

My bf and i loves this position and we both love it. I think sex has something to do with our long-term relationship. We are going out for almost 3 years already and we're still crazy for each other.


Everyone: this is just called "really good sex"
I find it hillarious that someone actually decided to name this and create and article about it as if it were his idea, (so like a man)

I just stumbled upon this article and my ex boyfriend and I did the C.A.T that often not knowing it was technical.. it was just really hot sex.
and since the break up I have slept with a couple men and i feel like this is kinda the normal nautural rhythm of what happens when sex is passionate and fantastic...

am i right?
I Believe so.

It works said:

My girlfriend showed me this technique some time ago and we make it work 99% of the time.
Then after she has been satisfied -- (to use a fight analogy) -- It is like a heavyweight fight. Cause somebody is going to get knocked the hell out! No but really.... guys if you can control yourself, and sustain the tempo, it really does get the job done for your mate.

I didn't know there was a name for it. Ha. That's funny!

Happy trails!!!!

lovely said:

Been doing this for 2 yrs., didn't know it had an actual name. It does work, and I though to start with it was just the new bo, now I know

Megan said:

I was already doing this before I read this. It is the only way I achieve an orgazism. Well, if my bf gives me head then ya- most of the time it hurts because he is so big. But not to say that I don't like that big cock!!! It's great!

laur in el paso said:

hey now that is something i will have to try! i can hardly wait till my man gets home from work! sex is already good but now i think it'll be grrreeeaaatttt!!!!!

Whipped... said:

Wow, I never knew about this until I met my new boyfriend. I thought it was his own technique. I have been achieving SUPER orgasms since I met him. No matter how we start, it always ends in this position. He does it a little differently, he sometimes puts my legs in between his. The first time I had this time of orgasm ever. It left my mouth hanging open in shock even after his a$$ fell asleep. You feel the orgasm building up and instead of trying to chase it, relax and let it hit you like a ginormous wave. It is truly an amazing orgasm... The couple has to have patience. It is VERY addicting. I am so whipped...

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is not an "invention" or a "design." It is the discovery of a natural anatomic design. Many of the women who can have the "no-hands" orgasm are doing what comes naturally -- the CAT. The mystery is - How could we have ever missed it? The problem was to define the technique in a way that provided an instruction that helped anyone and everyone have the experience. A video/DVD instruction has been completed that defines the CAT showing live footage of the experience. It was a challenge because the technique is so subtle that people who saw the unedited footage asked, "Are they moving?" The movement is subtle, but the sensation is intense and CONSTANT. The CAT appears to build an electric like charge, as alluded to in one of your commentaries. We may be on the cutting edge of an evolutionary step. It is heartening to know that people are having the experience!

Edward Eichel
Sex researcher

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