There's a new vibrating love ring on the market (for men to wear around their johnson during intercourse, or really  any kind of play whether with a partner or alone) from one of our favorite manufacturers, LELO:

- Soft, flexible material
- Adjusts to all sizes
- Portable, discreet, stylish
- Rechargeable: so much better for the environment than those disposable ones!
- Long-lasting: a one-hour charge will give you 4 hours of vibes!
- One-year warranty
- Comes with a user manual in a nice storage box (unheard of with cheap novelty items)

- Not sure why they gave it the horribly unsexy name BO, which calls to mind stinky, post-gym crotch sweat.
- The little sucker is 79 bucks! (But then again, if you use it more than 10 times in a year it'll be less expensive than the cheap ones).


CM said:

That looks bulky and uncomfortable.

Elle said:

Sex Is Fun reviewer Kidder Caper just reviewed this on the SiF 08 Holiday Buyers Guide and it looks uncomfortable but isn't. Lelo's "pleasure objects" have the aesthetics of pieces of art, and are very well-made. More info from but I think the $100 I spent on my Nea Valentine has been worth it twice over.

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