Advice from our guy friends. This week they answer the question, Do guys like having their own nipples played with during sex, and if so, what's the best way to do it?

Straight Single Guy (Max): Yes, but be careful. For most guys, our nipples are basically the same as the rest of our body, in that every bit of attention is appreciated, but there's no need to dwell upon any one area (besides THAT one). Barring the possibility of your guy having extra sensitive nipples (and I happen to have a couple of friends who do), an extended nipple play "sesh" will probably prove to be awkward and without reward. So please, test the waters (maybe with a few lil' kisses at first) and see just what kind of guy we are, and then take it from there. He might just "nip" your attempt in the bud, but I'm sure he'll at least appreciate the thought.

Gay Committed Guy (Bill): First off, I should let you know I was blessed with not two but THREE nipples.  I thought about joining the circus but I decided I didn't like the way they treated the midgets. Unfortunately, I have about as much feeling in my teets as I do in my third eye: you can rub those three little guys til they bleed but you won't get anything hard in my pants. Of course, guys who aren't freaks like me -- guys who are freaks in their own way -- think nipple play during sex is fabulous. Rub them between your fingers with both free hands while you are giving a blowjob and you can make some men scream. So by all means suck 'em, tug 'em and slap 'em, just don't waste your energy on me.

Married Straight Guy (Ben): I can only speak for myself: Playing with my nipples and sucking on my toes are without a doubt the closest you can get to giving me a blowjob without, you know, giving me a blowjob. It was a little confusing the first time it happened. "Those are my nipples," I thought. "Why does it suddenly feel like she's sucking me off?" But then she started giving me a handjob and suddenly I was like, "Oh. Right. Because getting a blowjob and a handjob at the same time is like ..." And then I died...
The same rules apply to the nipples as apply to the penis: start slow with lots of licks, move on to nibbling and suckling. A little bit of teeth might push him over the edge, but it's really, really easy nip too hard and send the whole session crashing into the dirt. Be careful. One day, I'll have my toes sucked and my nipples played with while someone actually is giving me a blowjob and then, I think, I actually will die. Because my wife will kill me for cheating on her.

Our "guys" are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week's Straight Married Guy is Ben, a writer and artist living in Los Angeles. Check out his new website,


Bite Me! said:

Start slow (but not too slow), nip, pinch, tug, even bite after a bit. A little nipple play is always welcome.

It took awhile for my wife to get the message as she doesn't enjoy the same amount of nipple "attention" but now she enjoys how much I get off on her pinching, nibbling, etc. either by itself or while we're otherwise engaged.

Shiera said:

My guy likes his nipples sucked on, he's a big guys so his boobs could probably fit a full Bcup but i do think its cuz it reminds of him of getting oral

Selena said:

Gently lick them with the tip of your tongue, rotating back and forth to get them hard, then grasp them with a warm and wet mouth sucking on them with teasing strokes and soft bites.It's a guaranteed pleasure for both parties and you know what's next.

fatuma said:

my guy likes his nipples first i wasn't comfortable with it because am not good at licking.but i realise he was going to look for some one who could do it for him so i had to do it but now that have read about this article,am gonna improve on.thanks for the advice


i totally agree with bite me and selena"s comments.

Ghetto Star said:

I am a married man and I love my nipples sucked, bit and licked. I also love it when my wife takes both her hands plays with my nipples, bites and licks on my chest all at the same time. it's better than a blow job.... yeah! she's very gifted. and Selena rocks!!!

1972 said:

Yeah! My husband asks for it too. He likes me to lick & suck his nipples as part of our foreplay. I never thought that guys would like that. They do! And it's kinda turning me on, allowing my tongue to play around his nipples. It makes him moan...Hi!Hi!Hi!

sexy gal said:

i think its a a good thing i love it i could learn a lot from it.

Vee said:

My boyfriend loves it when i lick his nipples, spreading my tongue around it in circular motions...drives him wild!

d said:

my boyfriend is the biggest nipple licker ever..who ever invented vice versa is a genius, b.c i do to him,what he does to me..I suck his neck and proceed to the nipples with tip of the tongue licks while I stroke him...We watch each other because I have a long tongue and we're a talented couple...Nipple licking rox


nipple sucking is just it for me, that can keep me up for ever. and i love it even when we getting on, and she gets her lips to my nipples, i'm gonna pump harder,faster and sure i am gonna come big too.


When my girl and I are too tired for conventional lovemaking, we can just make each other come through nipple and breast play. I'm tweaking hers while she sucks mine and it's a wonderful climax every time. Good to see that it works for others, too.

Al Sensu said:

I love having both nipples stimulated at the same time as my cock. So, suck one nipple and flick the other while jerking me, or flick both while sucking my dick, and I'm in heaven.

zamabm said:

@fatuma: how can one be "not good at licking"?

docker said:

when my girfriend licks,bits & sucks my teets, it drives me crazy, 'Oh God, is this heaven... :) '

screamer said:

my guy doesnt like it when i lick his tit...he is so very sensitive when it comes to his was like being electricuted...the first time i did it he almost punch me on the face...hahahaha.... so i stopeed dreaming about licking his tits.... but its spectacular when he does it to me...hehehe

smoky said:

My nipples have always been sensitive...and with patient "training" by my extremely erotic wife, I can now organsm (yes, come) with only nipple stimulation....

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