male_waxing_spa.jpgAn "arty" interpretation of male waxing at Face to Face NYC--Day Spa (that's owner Enrique in the black T).

We have an article in this month's Glamour Magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One new habit we looked into was "brozilians"--the male equivalent of the Brazilian bikini wax. Yep, guys from Jay-Z to Diddy to perhaps your cubicle mate are taking it all off down there. So we spoke with Enrique Ramirez, the owner and the lead esthetician of Face to Face NYC--Day Spa:

So is it true that more and more men are waxing down there?
Yes! Men's waxing, for both gay and straight men, is growing at a rapid number--probably at the same rate as our national economic debt!

When do you think this trend really took hold?
About five years ago, after the metrosexual revolution began. For many years men shaved or clipped, but these two methods only provide minimal results for up to two or three days, which can get tiresome to have to shave constantly. Waxing provides smoothness for up to two to three weeks.

What kind of waxing do straight guys tend to go for?
The most popular is still their back wax, but men's private region is growing fast and furious. The most popular treatments are called "Marble Sac with Shaft" (with pubic hair clipping) and the "Crackdown" (in between the cheek area). We created these names to make them sound less intimidating and for gender identification. For women, a Brazilian wax means removing all the hair, while men still prefer to leave some and make it look well-groomed and clean-looking. Men also tell us how their girlfriend/wife enjoys the smoothness and their "man tool" gets a three-dimensional appearance. Anything that gives a man inches will make them very happy!

So how many men go for the full monty?
I do about 10 to 15 a day and that number increases before a holiday weekend.

And this is both gay and straight men?
Here at Face to Face NYC--Day Spa we are extremely confidential. I won't allow any sexual identity questions from my staff, therefore it has made it a bit challenging to keep exact numbers of gay versus straight men. If I had to guess, I would say we have about 40% straight and 60% gay. At the rate we're going, those numbers will become 50/50 within a year or so.

Why is the balance starting to shift like this?
Gay men have always been ahead of their straight counterparts when it comes to health, fitness, and grooming. Gay men have been waxing, clipping and keeping a well-groomed appearance for many years. The recent waxing/grooming trend is certainly among straight men. Some guys travel from nearby cities just to get their waxing fix or business men who visit NYC will also make sure to book a waxing appointment during their visit. Many salons and spas in other cities are still behind the waxing trend which has made it extremely difficult for men (straight and gay) to keep up with their grooming maintenance.

What do you think is the appeal for men in getting everything waxed down there?
Like women, it makes them feel hot, sexy and appealing to the lustful eye, not to mention a clean and cool feeling--especially in the dog days of summer. And as I mentioned before, it makes their friend down there appear bigger and stronger, and guys love that.

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Amanda said:

Sorry, waxing is just not sexy to me. I don't like guys who look like plucked poultry.


I think its very hot and sexy to be hairless "down there". I have shaved for years but have never tried waxing. If it wasn't so expensive I'd have the hair permanately removed. I am a straight guy.

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