We have an article in this month's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One habit we looked into was why guys still insist on cheating when they can so easily get busted in this age of technology. To get some answers, we spoke with one guy whose wife busted him wooing another via his computer. Now divorced and very open about his cheating past, his current girlfriend is (of course) suspicious now of his every move. He told us of some very specific techy tricks that you can use to catch your partner, which may ultimately get YOU caught:

A little story on the snoopy tech angle: when things were falling apart with me and my wife and she suspected I was having an affair, she went into my office one morning when I was asleep and woke up my computer and shuffled through all the mailboxes then put the machine back to sleep. When I got up and went to check my email, I noticed that the clock flashed for a second on like 9:00 in the morning, rather than the 2:00 am when I had last been on it. It's a Mac thing, I think--not even sure if it still happens in OS whatever, but it would just like hiccup the time of the last wake-up for a flash before it got its bearings. Anyway, we were both busted!

Also, a tidbit: I tend to trash my browser history a lot, out of habit, just because everyone's on everyone else's machines so much and who knows what will pop up in the URL bar when they're typing. My girlfriend was on checking her email and noticed that the google mail URL wasn't already in there and got all suspicious: "Why'd you dump your history?" So I guess there's no way to win that one.

And Facebook! OMG. The possibilities for sin and its discovery here are mind-boggling.

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