bride_groom.jpgVery rarely are other people's dreams interesting...except when they're about sex. This week dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg helps a woman on the verge of a nervous one-night stand:

In my waking life, my boyfriend and I are very happy but we are separated by almost 500 miles.  We're getting engaged before the end of the year, and both of us are very committed to our monogamous relationship. But for the past 2 or 3 nights in a row, I've dreamt my boyfriend (almost fiance) and I are in the process of splitting up (it's never been clear if we've actually made the split, or are still discussing it).  Always, I'm in a situation where my boyfriend isn't there, and I have the urge to have a one-night-stand (or one-quickie-over-lunch-stand) with a really attractive person. I know the people I want to have the fling with in my waking life, but these are men that I would never consider sleeping with. One is a student (I'm a graduate TA teaching undergrads) and the other is a bad-news-bear of a friend. In my dreams, I either sleep with these men (and it's really good) or I really strongly consider it, weighing the consequences with my boyfriend. I would like to know if this dream has a hidden meaning or am I just dreaming.

Is she having second thoughts about getting married (or having sex with with only one person for the rest of her life)? Find out after the jump (right after you send us your own dreams!):

Lauri Loewenberg:
Long distance relationships are never easy and a common byproduct of these relationships is dreaming of cheating or splitting up. Notice how you say that in your dreams you and your beau are "splitting up" and he "isn't there." That's because he isn't physically there with you and you are split apart.  Not having your cuddle muffin around on a daily basis - no matter how devoted you are - can make you sometimes feel single.  That being said, dreaming that you are hooking up with men that are actually around you does not mean that - deep down - you desire to live true to the lyrics of the old Crosby, Stills & Nash song, "If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with..."  Nay! It means that there is something about the men that are around you that brings you comfort.  One is a friend that is a guy that is around, and the other must possess some quality that reminds you of your boyfriend, or perhaps a quality that attracts you.  This is why your dreaming mind chose these two particular gentlemen to compensate for the sweet lovin' you're missing so very much.

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