We got a ton of great entries! And they're all winners! But we only have two copies of Alison Tyler's "Never Have Sex the Same Way Twice" to give away. It was hard to narrow down, so while there were a lot of good ideas in the comments section of the contest announcement post, we only considered the tips which were emailed in per our instruction (see, it pays to read directions carefully). Immediately below are our two faves (which we're sure some of you will disagree with), followed by the honorable mentions. Thanks for playing!

WINNER: Maybe it's just 'cause we love pretending, but my fiance and I keep things spicy by role ourselves. But as our future selves, or as our younger selves. We'll spend a whole day pretending we met and hooked up under completely different circumstances, but because we don't have to take on totally new roles (I mean, really, I'd have no idea what to do as a naughty nurse, and he's a teacher in real life, so we don't want to bring that into our sex) we find we can be adventurous in a totally comfortable way. One of our favorite things to do is to pretend we are just friends, with secret crushes we're both too scared to admit. We'll spend the whole day, shopping, or taking in a movie or pizza, hinting at our "crush" but never saying it openly. Since we're "just friends" we can't be affectionate as we usually would be, and so by the end of the day, we're so glad when one of us decides to end the platonic relationship with a hot, desperate kiss. During sex, we pretend it's our first time all over again. We love this because we get to feel those nervous first time jitters all over again. -Ashley

WINNER: The thing that keeps me and my boyfriend glued together, is that even when my libido feels low, I remember that I fancy him. And I think that seems to be the key to our relationship. It sounds simple, because it is; it's so simple, it's something that get's overlooked quite a lot. I'll sit/lie/lounge/kneel there, and just look at him, and think about how attractive he is, and why, and it reminds me that I want to keep him around. So when we've been in a "slump" (quotemarks because the sex is still fantastic) and only been having sex in the same few positions, moods, and styles, I'll remember how it was when we first met, and decide to seduce him again. Not with lingerie nessecarily, but I'll let go like I've been in a drought, and he's a one-night stand, or I'll make certain sly faces at him whilst he's doing something important, or we'll be doing something domestic so I'll let my skirt ride up a little bit more and shift over to him. The kinds of things that you do when you know you need to try a little to get into someone's pants. But rather than going through the motions, I'll think about all the sex I used to have, and what I did then; adding in things I tried out years ago, or making him become slightly unavailable again in my mind. Because that's sort of the point. When I remember that he doesn't have to be having fantastic sex with me, and I don't know if I could have this fantastic sex with someone else - he's raised the bar when I think about some past encounters - it makes me want to have him more. - Laithia


I have to masturbate almost every night before I go to bed or else I can't sleep... it always leaves me open for more and more sex during the day! It quickly turns out that masturbating is never enough to fill my needs... so I always have to turn back to hubby for different means of sex... because I'm so horny from masturbating all the time! Needless to say, he's usually very happy to help me out. ;)  - Micah

My hot monogamy tip a to always keep thngs fresh by surprising each other! Maybe its by bringing a new toy to bed or cooking a special meal when it is not expected. My boyfriend also sometimes surprises me with a coffee or breakfast if he comes over early in the morning. What a nice treat! - Rebeck42

Using the brain to focus on your partner, what your partner wants, what you want, to be creative, to think up something you haven't done before or done for a while, but also using your brain to realize that even though the women's magazines say that this is something that  "Every Woman Needs To Do To Be a Great Lover," your partner may not want to employ binoculars and penguins.  At least at the same time.  Men, think with the big head. - Jeff

I try to never put stipulations on where or when my fiance and I have sex in our home (or around our home).  The exception being if the kids are home ofcourse.  I didn't realize how important this was or how something so small could matter until I came home with a new computer moniter as a gift to myself.  While bending over the desk hooking it up, the moniter I mean, my fiance came home.  It started with a "hey baby" welcome home kiss and ending with him telling me how hot I am and saying, "I feel like a porn star!".  Those words and the smile on his face is all I needed! - Stephenie

Printing out a particularly steamy blog entry that you enjoyed, or marking the page from a book that was just too juicy to keep to yourself can be a huge step for some couples--particularly ones involving persons who are a bit more shy in nature, though this is a great approach for all couples in general.  Not only are you revealing something more about yourself to the man or woman in your life, but you're also taking a step towards better communication in your sex lives, which is always a plus.  You could use these works in a number of situations, like 1) taking that printed entry and using it as your own version of a dirty note for what you want to do to your partner later that day; 2) if you know the person you're with checks their email regularly enough, sending an email of that and tell them what you'd like to do when you see them; 3) reenacting something that caught your interest (just be sure to give your partner a heads up); 4) reading the passage out loud to your partner.  -Tori

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