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When we did our big roundup on sex toy storage possibilities, we didn't know about ToiBocks. Well Dawn Pulman, the president of the company, brought what she calls "the ultimate in discrete storage" to our attention and kindly agreed to send us a sample. The "jewelry box" showed up yesterday (they've also got a "tissue box"). And it's pretty cool!

It looks like an ordinary jewelry box, but you can't lift out the top tray. You need the secret magnet key to unlock it. Underneath is space to hide your favorite sex toy (or toys, if you tend to go for smaller playthings -- ain't no way your Hitachi Magic Wand is fittin' in there). It's pretty nice and solid; not sure if it's $99 nice but we guess you're paying for the novelty.

Some fun facts: In a focus group testing they did (natch) "fear of discovery" was the number one reason women gave for not owning a sex toy. And their $69 ToiTissue (which doesn't lock) was filmed in several scenes on My Own Worst Enemy, that spy drama on NBC with Christian Slater. We're guessing there wasn't a vibrator in it.


If you read our guide to sex-toy gift-giving etiquette last week, then you know it's best to go for nicely designed, higher-end prod. Of course, in this economy, who can afford a $175 Swarovski-crystal-encrusted vibrator with a pink feather tail on a silver stand? But that doesn't mean you can't find an affordably lewd and luxurious present for the fellow-perv in your life. Here are a bunch of cheap(ish) gift ideas from 10 great places -- all are as classy as sex toys can be, and each is under 50 bucks:

1. Jimmy Jane (pictured above) has 9 nice gifts all under $50, including the Pocket Pleasure set, the Iconic Pocket, and massage candles with body brushes.

2. Even though Coco de Mer carries the likes of the crystal and feather Minx mentioned above, they've got some affordable, beautifully packaged stuff on their Gifts for Her / Gifts for Him pages, including CdM Milk Bath ($25), In Fiore Decollete Balm ($50), Ginger & Date massage candle ($48), Ruby Sunrise Lubricant for her and Gentleman's Relish Lubricant (both $27), a spanking ruler with the text "Teach me a lesson" ($13), the book "Twenty Love Poems by Pablo Neruda" ($13), and our favorite, the "I Fucking Love You" card ($7.50).

3. The ladies at Elastic Waist like the Luna Beads from Lelo ($47), the fabu Swedish sex toy designers. Though considering they're for increasing the elasticity of your vadge, this might be the kind of gift better given by a close friend who's also just had a baby rather than by the husband of said new mom, ya know what we're sayin?

4. Speaking of Lelo, Goodvibes has Lelo's lipstick vibe for $49 and their Bob the butt plug for $48, which are both great deals. The former is great for reserved gals, the latter great for uninhibited guys.

5. Babeland carries two affordable vibes from our fave manufacturer, Fun Factory: the adorable Little Paul in pastel colors as well as Laya Spots in assorted colors, both for $48 each. Fun Factory toys always come in sophisticated boxes with handy instructions for use, care and cleaning, which is always nice for newbies.

6. In our big roundup of sex toy storage ideas, the Devine collection (with satchels and lingerie envelopes and condom carrying cases, oh my) were by far the most stylish -- and each are under 50 bucks!

Babeland's Claire Cavanah shows some of the best titles in feminist, high-budget, and documentary porn. ; Babeland's Claire Cavanah shows some of the best titles in feminist, high-budget, and documentary porn.

Babeland's Claire Cavanah shows some of the best titles in feminist, high-budget, and documentary porn.

11.11.2008  BY EM & LO
Sophisticated Swedish "sex life accessory label" Lelo has been on a role this year: first there was the Nea Black Pearl Valentine, then the flushed deep rose Iris for Spring, followed by the lipstick look-alike Mia vibe. But considering the high-end, luxury vibe they're going for, Lelo's made some pretty wacky decisions in the naming of their most recent toys. A month or so back, there was the BO love ring, which unfortunately called to mind stinky post-gym sweat. Now, there's the new BOB, reminding us of that classic episode of The Newlyweds:

Question: "Where's the craziest place you've ever had sex." 
Answer: "Um, in the butt, Bob."

10.08.2008  BY EM & LO

Photo via Splash

Silly us, we always thought douching was so seventies. But it turns out there's a brand new device on the market called WaterWorks which claims to revolutionize the douching process by "neutralizing vaginal odor" with water (rather than harsh chemicals) administered via a medical-grade stainless steel applicator. According to their press release, women who test-drove this product "experienced a significant reduction and/or elimination of vaginal odor compared to those who used placebo only."

Do you know why they call it douching? Because the guy (and yes, we're 100% sure it was a guy) who decided that vaginas should smell like a summer's eve is 100% douchebag. Your vagina smells like a vagina! That normal, everyday, "vaginal odor"? That's supposed to be a good thing--designed by mother nature to attract your mate(s).

Plus, you don't want to mess with the delicate nature of the natural bacteria in there. It doesn't matter what substance you're squirting inside, even if it's "pure tap water"--the act of spraying water under pressure into the vagina can push bacteria where it doesn't belong (it's a mechanical thing, not just a chemical one). Will many women douche and not get pelvic inflammatory disease? Sure. But why engage in a risky behavior for no medical reason? Embrace your vajayjay and its unique scent in all its musky, animalistic, sexual glory! (That seems to be the theme of today. If you need help doing this, read Tom Robbins' Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.)...


There's a new vibrating love ring on the market (for men to wear around their johnson during intercourse, or really  any kind of play whether with a partner or alone) from one of our favorite manufacturers, LELO:

- Soft, flexible material
- Adjusts to all sizes
- Portable, discreet, stylish
- Rechargeable: so much better for the environment than those disposable ones!
- Long-lasting: a one-hour charge will give you 4 hours of vibes!
- One-year warranty
- Comes with a user manual in a nice storage box (unheard of with cheap novelty items)

- Not sure why they gave it the horribly unsexy name BO, which calls to mind stinky, post-gym crotch sweat.
- The little sucker is 79 bucks! (But then again, if you use it more than 10 times in a year it'll be less expensive than the cheap ones).

Our intern Kristine deGuzman, a junior at UC Berkeley, and her boyf agreed to road test a sex toy sample. He definitely got the better end of the deal.

I'll admit, when I first checked my mailbox and saw that little brown envelope, I couldn't contain my excitement. I carefully ripped it open and pulled out my new sex toy: The Blowguard. It's basically a silicon mouth guard with a little chamber where you can stick a miniature, vibrating bullet. Time to blow my boyfriend's, er, mind....


Even though McCain's choice for VP last week is a woman, the evangelical, socially conservative Sarah Palin couldn't be more anti-woman. According to Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund President (who delivered a great speech at the Democratic National Convention last week), "When Palin was running for lieutenant governor in 2002, she sent an e-mail to the Alaska Right to Life board saying she was as 'pro-life as any candidate can be.'" According to Naral Pro-Choice America, "Palin, a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life, said during her campaign for governor that she is opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest." RH Reality Check has a great summary of why you should be afraid, be very afraid: the overturning of Roe v. Wade, more ineffective abstinence-only education (and yes, ineffective abstinence-only education begins at home!), a pro-active assault on gay rights... Fortunately, Condomania has your first line of defense: Palin Protection condoms! (For reals!) Your second (and most important) line of defense, of course, is to register and then actually vote this coming November 4th to ensure that McCain/Palin don't take us back to the 1950s when it comes to repro rights and sexual freedoms.

Em & Lo love Fun Factory. Babeland loves Fun Factory. Here the two join forces to show off the best the German sex toy company has to offer.; double dildo; claire cavannah; The Boss; dildo; vibrators; anal beads; german; phthlate; Babeland; em and lo; daily bedpost; fun factory; sex toy; silicone; Germany; laya spot; flex felix; Em & Lo love Fun Factory. Babeland loves Fun Factory. Here the two join forces to show off the best the German sex toy company has to offer.

Em & Lo love Fun Factory. Babeland loves Fun Factory. Here the two join forces to show off the best the German sex toy company has to offer.


About a week ago we began answering this question in a post and asked you for other bright ideas. Well, we got some great suggestions in the comments. Plus, we did a little more investigative research of our own. And so we've decided to do a more comprehensive list of sex toy storage solutions -- here are 17. Just remember to abide by the storage rules we outlined before...

1. Devine Toy Storage
This is probably the most stylish line of purpose-made sex toy storage containers available. They've got a lockable toy box, a carry-on, a condom cube (which could be used for a little bullet vibe or vibrating cock ring), a satchel (pictured above) for bigger items like a paddle or a bunch of stuff for a naughty weekend, even a lingerie envelope. The site is cool, but you can't get a great feel for what they really look like until you visit other sites that have them for sale, such as Babeland and Feel Your Passion.

2. For Your Nymphomation Collection
Hands down, the best name in the biz of sex toy storage. They've got various-sized toy boxes (even one specially designed for your Hitachi Magic Wand), various-sized individual toy cases (including a tubular one in the shape of a heart, aw), a bridal collection for the best bachelorette party gift ever, bdsm cases for long floggers, even a big rolling suitcase with about a million pockets inside (for dominatrices, Tupperware-style sex toy party throwers, and people really addicted to sex toys).

3. Three Number Combination Lock Boxes
These are lightweight boxes with metal trim lined with either a black vinyl or black velvet interior. Erotic Rites has three styles available (black, silver, and pink with a butterfly pattern). BetterSex has a larger version of the pink box.

4. Fun Factory Cans and Bags
Of course our favorite toy manufacturer makes something cool to store their prod in. They've got a striped can and a silver can for their smaller toys like their Smartballs and miniVibes, as well as a velvet bag with satin lining for most of their standard-sized vibes and dildos. Eden Fantasy has got both cans.

5. Sneaky Sack
Holistic Wisdom has a whole series of sex toy storage products. The first is a locking bag that's antimicrobial, washable, and durable with three separate storage pockets!...

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