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Last night was the New York screening of Eastern Promises (tagline: "Every sin leaves a mark"), the new David Cronenberg flick starring Viggo Mortensen and his willy. Apparently there's a naked bathhouse fight scene in which the rugged actor goes full-frontal. New York asked one attendee, LL Cool J, what he thought of the scene: "It was the best nude fight scene I've ever seen. This one was really serious. It was rough. I've got to give it to Viggo. He's committed." Which made us wonder, how many male nude fight scenes are there?! (You know, outside of porn?) We're hard pressed to think of very many Hollywood scenes that contain male frontal nudity, whether fight-related or not. After the jump are the ones off the top of our heads, though the list is admittedly pretty slim. Guess we need a copy of Full Frontal: Male Nudity Video Guide. Can you add to the list? If so, do tell!

  • Frolicking men taking a swim in A Room With a View
  • Ewan McGregor, "The King of Full Frontal," in The Pillow Book, Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, and Young Adam
  • Guys we've never heard of in Maurice (portraying the love that dare not speak its name)
  • Michael Pitt in The Dreamers
  • Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant and The Piano
  • Kevin Bacon in Wild Things and Hollow Man (though with the latter, does it even count if it's a skinless CGI representation?) 
  • Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights (does it even count if it's a prosthetic?)
  • Geoffrey Rush in Quills (does it even count if the guy looks like your grandpa?)
  • The Full Monty (oh wait, there wasn't any full frontal in that, the cock teases)

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