Condom manufacturers Durex recently released the latest results from their huge 2007-08 global survey on sexual well-being (they're teasing out the results in five parts over the course of 14 months--talk about extending foreplay!). Apparently, Americans spend nearly three hours a week on grooming but less than an hour per week on sex; only 46% of us describe our sex lives as exciting; and we have sex about once every 4.3 days, which is less than the global average.
We're not surprised by the first finding; after all our country is way more interested in sexiness than in satisfying sexuality. Exhibit A: we have a disturbingly in-depth knowledge of Paris Hilton's comings and goings, but an inability to correctly name (or even know) the anatomical parts of the female genital anatomy (for instance, the equivalent of the penis is not the vagina, folks, it's the clitoris).

We can certainly understand why less than half of Americans consider their sex life exciting: a) there's a lot of pressure from TV, movies, mags, etc to achieve SUPER-EXCITING, MIND-BLOWING SEX, but b) that can be hard to do if you're insecure, unsure, and/or in a long-term relationship, and c) we're lazy. But while some of the coverage of these results seems to suggest that sex every 4.3 days is not a lot, we must admit we think that's pretty good. As sex writers you might expect us to encourage a minimum of 5.8 sexual sessions a week to achieve optimal satisfaction, but frankly we think if you can pull off a quality session once a week, especially when you're overwhelmed with work, kids, life, the new fall lineup, then you're doing fine. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. So fess up:
-- How much time do you spend on grooming versus sexing yourself up in a given week?
-- Would you describe your sex life (or the sex you have when you have it) as exciting?
-- How often do you engage in sexual activity?

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