09.26.2007  BY EM & LO
emoticons.jpgAccording to two recent surveys, there's a growing happiness gap between men and women--and it's the men who are coming out on top. Back in the '70s, women surveyed reported that they were happier than men. But apparently three decades of feminism, better wages, better sex education, and more attention to the clitoris haven't improved our moods, because these days, women overall say that they're less happy than men.

Experts put this shift down to the "doing it all trend" trend: women are taking on more work at the office but they're not giving up more work in the home. Then again, it could just be that these days, we're more ambitious and have greater expectations. In other words, before you knew what a clitoris was, how could you lament the lack of cunnilingus in your life? The shift has happened amongst high school kids, too--to which we say, no shit sherlock. Who'd have guessed that rampant unreciprocated blowjobs would make teen boys more happy and girls more miserable?! Every time we read about what high school is like these days, we shudder. Em spent her entire junior fall semester eating lunch in the bathroom stall because she had no friends, and even she's starting to feel nostalgic for the way things used to be. So, is it true? Ladies, do most of the men in your life seem to have an easier time feeling happy? And men, are you all just secretly eating pot brownies or what?

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