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Last week, when we heard LL Cool J refer to a whole slew of full-frontal fight scenes, like the one in Eastern Promises, we were hard-pressed (as it were) to recall just a handful of decent penis parts in Hollywood movies, violent or otherwise. But a friend just reminded us of the best all-nude, all-male fight scene in cinematic history.

How could we have possibly forgotten the classic tour-de-force by the late John Ritter in Blake Edwards's deep-'80s, sex(ist) comedy, Skin Deep?! The womanizing Ritter is about to have sex with a married woman. All she has for protection are stay-hard glow-in-the-dark condoms, so he puts one on. But in the middle of the action, her husband comes home and surprises his wife by putting on his own glow-in-the-dark condom before entering the darkened bedroom. Hilarity ensues. Unfortunately, the only online clip of this scene we could find was an overdubbed Italian version. Let us know if you can find the original!


Em & Lo said:

Update: Our friend Chris just found the clip for us!!

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