09.27.2007  BY DR. KATE
Some STDs get all the press, but one that many women haven't heard of is trichomoniasis. It's a parasitic infection that we can get through unprotected intercourse, or from vulva to vulva contact (it doesn't discriminate on the basis of sexuality). Under the microscope trich looks like a balloon on a string (though it wiggles when you watch it). Symptoms commonly include a frothy, yellow-green vaginal discharge with a strong odor. You may also have frequent painful urination or even pelvic pain. Sometimes, though, trich won't give you symptoms at all, but your gynecologist can detect it on exam, with either a microscope exam in her office or by a culture sent to the lab. These two tests are the only definitive way to make the diagnosis. Your gynecologist can't be sure over the phone, even if your symptom description is vivid ("well, the discharge is like a fluorescent yellowish green color...wait, maybe it's more like Crayola's Electric Lime shade!"). And if your Pap test comes back positive for trich, your doctor has to do an exam to be sure (the Pap test is unreliable for diagnosing infection).

Here's the good news: Trich is easily cured. Your doc will generally prescribe metronidazole, or Flagyl, 2000 mg taken as a single dose. Guys may not have any symptoms--but if you've been diagnosed with trich, it's pretty likely that he's infected as well. So it's essential that both of you (or all of you) get treated as well--and no nookie until you and your partners have been pronounced cured by your doctors. Feel free to head to the comments and ask me about Trich and all other STDs.


Stephanie said:

I have never herd of that STD until reading this. I do have a question to ask that is on the same page I suppose. I have had an on again off again small infection for a while now and when I have asked doctors to check for a yeast infection or anything else they said that I didn't have anything.
The symptoms I have right now is not strong but light odor that doesn't smell good at all and my discharge is a little discolored like a very light beighish and it has a thickness to it, I am scared because I don't know what it is. I also had an abortion about a month ago and after I stopped bleeding from it my discharge was a light almost burgendy but I assumed it was somehow from left over blood and I still see it in my underware at least twice a week I don't know if that is normal. My last concern is that for the last 4 years I have had to go to the emergency room almost every month on the first day of my period. I have extreme intense pain in my pelvis by my ovaries and it is to the point I throw up none stop and it makes me have to go to the bathroom but I can't which makes it worse the doctor's think it probably is Endometriosis. Do you think those symptoms have anything to do with that disease or is it something different entirely? I have so many problems I don't know what to do anymore I can never go to the bathroom without taking suppositories almost all the time and with all of this happening to my body I am afraid that I could be living with something that could really hurt me if they don't find the problem and get me started on some treatment or medicine or even surgery. I am not expecting everything to be answered but if you could help to answer even one of my questions it would help me sleep a lot better at night.
Thank you so much for your time.

michelle said:

okay well my ex-boyfriend had sex with his ex-partner, they never had a relationship and she was my friend? well everyday she tells me something different like, a boy i messed with has chlamedia. or like I WAS BORN WITH AIDS OR I HAD TRICH. AND HE TOLD ME HE WENT TO GET TESTED BUT I DON'T THINK HE DID. I WENT TO GET A PAP SMEAR, AND IT CAME BACK WITH CHLYMEDIA. THEY GAVE ME THESE PILLS TO CURE IT, BUT HE STILL WON'T GO GET CHECKED FOR ME IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I MAY HAVE AIDS OR TRICH HOW CAN I TELL?

Hersheypce4 said:

for Michelle your boyfriend doesnt want to go get checked cuz maybe he do have sumthing in the long run he dnt want to b proven wrong by you or n e one else.....He probably did get the check up, just didnt tell you about it...if u think u have aids get tested....!! If u are sexually active with your partner and not using condoms that is something you should do n e wayz...not sayn u dnt trust him but Who could u trust???? N dnt u wanna feel safe knowing that u r not goin to effect someone else??? He burned u once n who says he is not goin to do it again...b smarter!!! n wrap it up wit him.

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