09.26.2007  BY EM & LO
em_&_lo_oprah.jpgWe made our Oprah debut yesterday! We missed the original airing because the producer failed to give us a heads-up and, well, we're not usually watching TV at 4 p.m. Fortunately some of our friends were (who knew?), so we were able to Tivo the 1 a.m. rerun. The show was called "237 Reasons to Have Sex," and covered research on why people have sex, lovin' after 55, embracing erotica (i.e. porn), and even open marriages... scandalous! (Gotta love The 'Prah's google-eyed disbelief at the in-studio married couple with kids whose wife has an extracurricular boyfriend!)

A few weeks ago they flew out a producer and crew to film us out-of-studio for five long, hot hours talking in depth about all those topics, and then some. We only made it onto about 30 seconds of the show (only touching on the phenomenon of open relationships, because of the article we wrote a while back for New York magazine on "The New Monogamy"). But, hey, when it comes to the Big O, that's better than ending up on the cutting room floor. And Oprah herself actually said our names...pronounced them correctly...on air. We're never Q-tipping again!

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