10.25.2007  BY DR. KATE
The G-Shot joins "vaginal rejuvenation," labiaplasty and a whole menu of options for women to surgically alter what the good Lord gave her, all in the name of better sexual functioning.  

I assisted a surgeon on a labiaplasty while I was in residency--it was one extremely rare case where enlarged labia was causing the woman pain--so let me describe to you what a labiaplasty is. Once you're sedated (hopefully), the doctor places a long clamp (notice the tiny teeth in the close-up) along your labia, at the desired new size, and crushes the tissue to prevent bleeding. Then he uses scissors or a scalpel to slice off the "excess" tissue.  The clamp is removed, and the raw edges are then stitched together. This isn't much better than the vaginal tightening procedures, where the tissue at the bottom of your vagina (the perineum) is cut open or burned open with a laser, a segment removed, and the sides stitched together. Feeling aroused yet?

The pictures that show results from labiaplasty tell me two things. First, I'm reminded that there's a wide range of what normal is among women. I've seen that labia come in all shapes and sizes, most often do extend beyond the labia majora, and very rarely cause actual difficulty for a woman. Second, how alike--prepubescent and porn-worthy at the same time--these women appear afterward. Who wants to look like a twelve-year-old girl?  Who wants to sleep with a woman who does?

It's hard to know for sure why these procedures are all of a sudden getting attention. I think it's a combination of our increasingly porn-centric standards in the bedroom, which is changing the "style" of everything from our pubic hair to our genitals. And as plastic surgery in general becomes more acceptable, this is the next logical frontier; if you'll make your breasts bigger or your belly smaller for your man, why not genital surgery as well? This mindset is not very different from female genital mutilation around the world, in societies where woman lack power even over their own bodies. Westerners are trying to save third-world women from this fate, and now we're paying to have similar procedures done here.

These procedures promote yet another way for women to feel insecure and self-critical, while doing nothing to get at the real causes of sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction. Just because these surgeons use the phrase "empower women" on their websites, doesn't make it so. As Dr. Nour at Harvard put it, true empowerment comes from the brain. I'm glad that others out there feel the same way I do, but I know this is a sensitive area (no pun intended)...what do you think about this?



Female genital mutilation decide by adult women in the Western Hemispere is a no-no.but male genital mutilation practiced on newborns is OK with many.Why can't adult men decide whether they want to be circumcised?

anonymous for fear of judgement said:

I have some firm convictions on this topic, and it may not be what you are expecting. I do not disagree one bit with the belief that women should NOT being undergoing labiaplasty for purely cosmetic reasons that involve pleasing (keeping?) their man, or having female anatomy that looks "more attractive" or youthful. If your relationship is dependent upon maintaining this type of look, please look more closely at what kind of relationship you have. I agree with this author: there are a so many different "looks" for women in this area, regardless of age! And from personal experience, I can tell you, some men don't care at all, and possibly don't want the "twelve-year-old look"!

That said, I dispute the attitude/belief that there is nearly NO reason to have this surgery done. If I was single for the rest of my life, took a pledge of celibacy or was sentenced to death for ever having sex again, I would STILL consider having labiaplasty, because I find that my anatomy in that area has become difficult to manage. It certainly is not "freakish", but I find it frustrating, more often than not. I have to assume that it is gravity that has done things to my labia because I don't remember having these difficulties when I was 20. It is difficult to insert tampons without considerable manipulation, causes messy urination, and yes (God strike me with a lightning bolt for admitting) it does get in the way during intercourse. When I have to either use considerable lubrication to aid in entry or consciously say "hold on a minute" while I swipe aside the opposing labia, then I find it more inconvenient to ME (who cares about whether the man minds or cares).

If I was to proceed with having this kind of surgery (assuming I had the money, which seems unlikely in the near future) I would like to think that I could hold my head high that I did something that was right for ME and not live in fear that people would judge or ridicule or condescend me for my choice, if only they knew - which would be unlikely because it's not something I would advertise, even if it was socially acceptable).

My message is this: For the people who are doing it for someone else (to "keep" them) or for simply vain reasons - DON'T DO IT! But I think that the doctors who say they want to "empower" women with this option may have some good intentions. They may be thinking of the people who want to do it for their OWN happiness, physical and mental. Would you criticize someone who wanted to have breast REDUCTION surgery? If not, then don't criticize the woman who wishes to have labiaplasty. Every case is different, and it all depends on your motivation.

For the record: I do oppose "vaginal rejuvenation" and "Gspot injections" but if someone can give me an example where this was beneficial to the woman insofar as sexual satisfaction (as opposed to doing it to please the man in her life), then I would consider changing my view on these procedures as well.

Brandy said:

none just curious

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