10.02.2007  BY EM & LO
Dalmation Sitting.jpgDear Em & Lo,

I've finally got a handle on the G-spot (I think). But now I've heard something about a P-spot or PS-spot. What the hell is that?

See Spot Run

Dear Spot,

They're actually two different things. The P-spot is what's also known as the male G-spot. The "P" stands for prostate gland, which is a small male organ located below the bladder and wrapped around the urethra and which produces part of the fluid of ejaculation. The early embryonic tissue that develops into the prostate in males is the same tissue that develops into the spongy tissue around the urethra in girls (and it produces a similar alkaline fluid which may be expelled via the urethra in a process known as female ejaculation). This tissue is what you're stimulating through the front wall of her vagina when you go G-spotting on her.

To stimulate his P-spot, you use a similar method that he would use to stimulate her G-spot, except instead of going in the vagina (duh), you go in his "back door": have him lie on his back and insert a well-trimmed, lubricated, perhaps even latex-gloved index finger palm up, almost all the way in, aiming for the navel.

The PS-spot refers to her perineal sponge, a tangle of blood vessels just under the surface of her perineum (between the vaginal opening and the anus: it's often called the "taint" in men) which some women find incredibly sensitive to touch. It can be stimulated by pushing up or massaging on the perineum externally, internally on the back wall of the vagina (directly opposite her G-spot, i.e. toward her backside), or inside the anus (like with P-spot stimulation, just shallower). Just remember that anything going in anyone's poop-chute should be kept away from her vaginal and urethral areas to avoid infection.

Good luck being put on the spot!

Em & Lo

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