11.30.2007  BY EM & LO
Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, which means that the papers are full of stories about the latest STD stats (turns out the U.S. government may have vastly underestimated the number of new HIV cases each year). Unfortunately we couldn't really think of anything deep to say about all that--except for, you know, wrap the fuck up, people. But here's some safer sex news guaranteed not to make your eyes glaze over: When Sex Games Go Wrong.

Like we told Boy George a few weeks back, we've got nothing against kinky play, so long as you do it safely. In fact, we think kink can be a very nice thing between consenting, loving adults in a long-term committed relationship who want to explore a bit of power exchange. (Casual kink is a bit beyond our ken--or at least, that's what our lawyers insist.) But if you don't use a safe word or if you do it drunk or high or if you decide to, say, play-rape an unstable ex--well, we can't be held responsible for the consequences. Two months in prison--or worse, accidental fatal artery slicing--is a high price to pay for an orgasm, wouldn't you say? So in honor of World AIDS Day, let's all be safe about sex in every possible way: share your sexual history before bumping uglies with a new partner (because even dry-humping can spread plenty of STDs, like HPV and herpes), always always use protection, and don't ever let your bitter ex (you know, the one you dumped for his hotter, more popular college roommate after the drunken threeway) tie you up.

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