In this week's Impertinent Question from Em and Lo we learn who hits up their ex for sex.; em and lo; ex sex; impertinent question; Em & Lo want to know who hits up their ex for sex?


Kris said:

Well, as my buddy in the vid likes to say, "as long as you enjoy it and you bust that nut..."

Anna said:

Guilty. And as just desserts, his roommate (we were on the floor, classy) stepped on my glasses in the morning, and I ended up missing my flight home. ahhh, study abroad.

Shelly said:

yes currently guilty

Marcy said:

Guilty here, too. But it wasn't good and only solidified my notion that I had moved on to bigger and better things.

BoomBoom said:

Hell yes, I've had ex sex. And it was good in the moment, but awful post-orgasm. Go figure.

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