11.29.2007  BY DR. KATE
When you read yet another chain e-mail in your inbox, does a small part of you wonder if there's any truth in it? I'd like to believe that a well-meaning person sends these hoaxes, for I don't know who directly benefits from panicking the public in this way. I received yet another edition of "Info from the Mt. Sinai breast cancer unit" about lead-containing lipsticks, and would like to deconstruct it for you.

  • The information comes from Dr. Nahid Neman. False. No such person exists, hint number one of the hokum to follow.
  • Multiple lipstick brands contain lead. Probably true, though the levels of lead meet currently accepted safety standards (read here for a more detailed explanation of the FDA regulations).
  • Lead is a chemical which causes cancer. False, mostly. Lead is more directly linked to brain damage and nerve disorders--none of them fun, but this e-mail is playing on our fear of the C-word.
  • If your lipstick stays longer, it is because of the higher content of lead. Unknown, but probably false--no studies have linked staying power to lead content.
The American Cancer Society, which indexes popular e-mail hoaxes, is clear about the lack of danger they perceive from lipsticks. And the ACS is very conservative in their opinions--we can take great comfort from their findings. Do you have any concerns about the safety of your lipstick?


Netty said:

My mother is always forwarding me email hoaxes, and I always have to de-bunk them for her. Haven't come across this one yet, but at least I will be ahead of the game when she sends this one my way.

Maddie said:

kudos to the ACS for compositing and making this info available to everyone. I'm much more of a skeptic than a gullible gal, but I took great comfort (and had one or two chuckles...) in reading through the hoaxes. "Does it really help fight cancer if I forward this chain letter?" seriously?

Sara said:

I'd like to issue a bulletin to moms everywhere: these emails are fake. Please don't forward them on. We know youre relatively new to the internet and all that, but please, just stop.

Daughters Everywhere

OConnell said:

Informative Enlightening well done not racey at all

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