File this under "inventions that have a ways to go": a German (who else) scientist has come up with a condom that is sprayed on. Unlike roll-on condoms, the spray-on version promises to fit perfectly, which is especially good news for the petite man who insists on buying Magnum condoms in case he bumps into anyone he knows at the drugstore. Of course, a spray-on condom requires inserting your penis into a chamber and waiting 20 seconds for the latex application, which is approximately 18 seconds longer than it takes to roll one on. Also, the machine hisses. But God bless the inventor for trying. (And hey, maybe version 2.0 will be able to spray the condom on in a swirly-sunset-and-wolf design, kind of like those air-brushed tees you can buy at the Jersey Shore.) Now if only these scientists could get a hard-on for a contraceptive development, we'd really throw a party, oh, say a male birth control pill.


Megan said:

You know, I feel like I learned in my Women's Health and Reproduction college class that someone did actually develop a male pill. There's just no market for it. Am I imagining things, or is that possible?

Anna said:

I think this was just invented so guys could have some fun and this does not work if you're in the heat of the moment.

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