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A U.K. professor is claiming that testosterone is responsible for making men intrinsically funnier than women. His research method? He hit the streets on his unicycle and found that few women made fun of him, while 75 percent of men yelled out some attempt at humor, most commonly, "Lost your wheel?" Um, yeah. Hilarious. Did they call him poopy-pants too? In honor of this "study," this week's edition of Who Would You Do is devoted to a few of our favorite funny ladies...

Ellen DeGeneres. Pros: You might get to dance with her first. She might bring along her hottie girlfriend Portia de Rossi. Also, Jerry Falwell once called her Ellen DeGenerate. Cons: Could you really go where Anne Heche has gone? Also, that whole weeping over the adopted dog episode kind of turned us off.

Sarah Silverman. Pros: Total hottie. She rimmed her dog on her Comedy Central TV show. She likes playing Internet Scrabble. Cons: She rimmed her dog.

Whoopi Goldberg. Pros: That make-out scene in Ghost with Demi Moore was kind of hot. Cons: We can't quite remember when she was last funny. And that make-out scene in Ghost was equal parts hot and creepy. Plus, could you really sleep with someone who named herself after the whoopie cushion?

Kathy Griffin. Pros: Her "Suck it Jesus" Emmy acceptance speech is worthy of a lifetime of unreciprocated oral sex. Cons: Her bangs give us bad '80s prom flashbacks.


Sarah said:

Hey, Kathy Griffen has recently fixed those hideous bangs, and even if she did still wear her bangs like that, I'd forgive her because she's so freakin' funny!

Scott said:

If I were a straight lady, I just might turn gay if it meant I could dance with Ellen!

Abby said:

I'd love to dance with Ellen too! And her rhythm must say something about her moves in bed.

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